GUEST POST: Top 5 things brands are looking for in a blogger

brands are looking for in a blogger

Throughout the year many brands these days like to collaborate with a range of bloggers, to help support their marketing efforts and get the word of their brand out to a wider audience.

With so many bloggers of different niches in today’s landscape, many bloggers, particularly the newer ones are asking the question; “what are brands looking for in a blogger?”

Having worked in the influencer industry for over 5+ years and now forming The Blogger Pack where we work as a blogger directory and intermediary between both bloggers and brands, I can honestly tell you that there isn’t just one thing that brands are looking for. It all depends on the brands ethos and business objectives.

But nevertheless, there are some common themes brands do look for that bloggers should be aware of – not all of the below are an obvious thought. Some can be measured and unfortunately there are some that are completely subjective to the individual. Here are the top five things brands are looking for in a blogger from our perspective.

top 5 things brands are looking for in a blogger

1) Traffic

As you start out with your blog, it’s only natural that your blog statistics will be low.  It’s crucial you measure your blogs traffic by installing an analytics widget, with the most popular being the free wordpress version or Google Analytics for more in-depth results.

Brands are looking for blogs with higher traffic, as they know more people will read the message they are trying to communicate and drive people to their site, should a link be included. Traffic can be increased through social media support, keyword optimised posts and collaborations with other websites, which could offer increased exposure of your blog.

Top blogger tip: Create a media kit that is easy to update regularly. Put it on your site, on an easy to find page such as ‘contact’ so brands can track down your blog stats with ease.

2) Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a score that Moz developed to measure and compare how well a website is ranking within Google search engines, so is very much an SEO measurement.

You can get a score between 0 and 100. The higher your blog is, the stronger and more authoritative your website is, meaning more brands will want to form collaborations with you. Improve this score through collaborations with other websites, creating quality relevant content to your website and ensuring a consistent output. Keep in mind this will be a slow growth, so don’t give up easily!

Top blogger tip: You can find out your blogs domain authority (DA) for free using this Moz tool. Simply insert your blog URL.

3) Social Following

Social media is of course crucial to growing your blog and for a brand is now more important than ever as will help to get the word of their brand or product out to new audiences. The more engaged your audience is, the more likely a brand will want to collaborate with you as it shows more interest from your audience in what you are posting.

Top blogger tip: Really think about the platforms you want to be on – it’s not necessary to be on them all, but you do want to grow your audiences on the ones where you are present as a blogger and focus on engagement.

4) Good Quality Posts

With so many bloggers out there, brands aren’t just looking for any old post these days. They want to be ensuring high quality in whatever they are being mentioned in whether a blog or social post.

Part of what makes a good quality post is the authenticity and uniqueness of a written piece, image or video. Ensure your blogs are meaningful with plenty of information to really add value to your audience and teach or show them something new. Think about how your blog is positioned and consider how you are standing out there from the crowd. Why should a brand want to work with your blog specifically?

Top blogger tip: Stay strong to your niche and who you are as a blogger, this will always come across in your posts, and brands will see the difference in your posts and blog offerings.

5) Reliability

Finally, reliability is an important one for brands – you don’t want to be getting a bad reputation for being an unreliable blogger in the business.

It’s easy to be seen as reliable – simply answer your emails regularly, post when it’s agreed, show up to events if you say you’ll attend and don’t let a brand down once you’ve committed to the campaign in question.

Top blogger tip: If you do for some reason need to drop out, be polite about it and communicate with them about any issues you’re experiencing.

So as you can see, the top five things a brand is looking for in a blogger is very subjective and ranges dependent on the brands objectives, size and industry.

My advice to you as a blogger would be to stay true to who you are, your blog niche and don’t get sucked into every brand collaboration that doesn’t represent what you and your blog are about!

Do you have any experience with working with brands? If so, were there any different collaboration requirements that you’ve experienced?

Kate is the founder of The Blogger Pack, a free comprehensive online UK blogger directory increasing blogger visibility and facilitating brand matches. For more information see and connect on Twitter
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  1. Really like this! Tried to join up for the Bloggerpack but seems to only accept addresses from the UK. I am in Sweden but my readers are from the US and UK mainly, so seems a shame to miss out!

  2. Great Post and really helpful. My little blog is starting to pick up and am trying to take it to the next level but really unsure of how to. Thanks for the tips x

  3. Very handy hints, thanks for sharing. I’ve been blogging for nearly 6 months and would like to work with brands but don’t know how to start 🙁 (also very shy so cringe at the thought of ‘putting myself out there’) #coolmumclub

  4. Oh I love this, great tips as I often wonder what brands look for when they are looking for bloggers to work with. It’s so true regarding the reliability – it’s always best to be upfront but polite if anything goes wrong so at least they know what’s going on! Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub lovely xx

  5. Great tips Talya. I think it’s important as a blogger to be upfront with brands too about our expectations, fees and payment terms. I know it’s tempting in the beginning to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity, but it’s important that bloggers have a strong sense of what they stand for and what their readers like to read about – it makes a more appealing blog to brands in the long term… #coolmumclub

  6. Some good advice here. With the last point, I think it’s important to find out from the brand EXACTLY what they want before agreeing to work with them, because I’ve had a few that have changed the conditions once I’ve started working on a project, and then you feel bad if you can’t do what they’ve asked #coolmumclub

  7. Really useful post, I am a newbie blogger so haven’t thought much about brands yet but at some point in the future would definitely like to work with brands so this is really helpful. Thank you. #coolmumsclub

  8. Ooh such great advice. I need to check out this blog directory, they sound like they know their shiz!
    Next step, world domination Talya! 😉 #coolmumclub

  9. These are some great tips. I hope one day to increase my work with companies and i have done a few recently which has been nice. Especially when they are such a perfect fit with my blog.

  10. Great tips! I often wonder why brands are drawn to some blogs over others, stats aside, but I think good quality posts is a big one. You can be the best blogger out there statistically, but if your posts aren’t of a high quality, you’re not going to reel in the bigger brands! Fab post. #coolmumclub

  11. These are great tips. It’s a slow process but hard work and dedication definitely helps. I have been really working hard over the past 4 months on my blog and just got my first two sponsored posts! They actually came a lot sooner than I was expecting but I was delighted! #coolmumclub

  12. Very informative, thank you! My favourite platform is Facebook but I’m really struggling to get people to “like” my page. I must spend more time on it


  13. This is really helpful. Thank you. It’s a bit like applying for a job. Don’t just think about what you’ll get out of it – freebies, money etc – but what you’ll give them that they can only get from you. Brands are looking for a sales channel for their goods and services. Like most of us, they don’t want to be messed around or work too hard. If you can give them that, then brilliant. 🙂

  14. I started my blog as additional exposure for my writing but didn’t think specifically about brands. I am just starting to get offers but to be honest none that have really rocked my boat yet and like most bloggers probably I don’t want to do stuff for the hell of it. Great tips here Talya. #coolmumclub

  15. This is really helpful, thank you. I’ve read that if your blog is on you can’t have a decent DA? This is something that’s concerning me at the moment.

  16. Very useful tips! I’m planning to do affiliate marketing and I have always wondered what brands want from their bloggers and I so agree with everything on the list. Grateful to have come across this site. Good job!

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