Grandpa speaks: What did the baby boomers do for baby makers?

Grandpa Speaks

So today I am very excited to announce a new guest post series from none other than my dad called Grandpa speaks which sees life and the world through the eyes of a baby boomer. This week’s post is on a subject we have been talking about much recently….what the baby boomers did for the baby makers. So take it away daddy! p.s. that’s not him in the picture below LOL! just a rather fat cat baby boomer.


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Just Google anything remotely sceptical about what we baby boomers did for the following generations and you’ll be deluged with a flood of vicious comment. You’ll learn that we messed up the world. You’ll discover that we made life terrible for the generations following us. You’ll discover that we did it in every way we could, whether environmentally, politically, socially or financially. You’ll see that what we did was so bad that these poor generations will end up paying the price until they die.

Funny, I don’t remember doing that, and none of my friends do! We have willingly and happily done lots to help our children and humanity, the next generation of mummies and daddies, and are still doing it. And although we appreciate that maybe things are a bit easier for us than for the next generation, we have done our level best to redress the balance personally. Yes, we might also have done it in ways that benefitted us or made us feel happy, but hey, we are quite a sensible generation.

So, what did we do? The list is very, very long, but here are my ten favourites – I’m not boasting as not all of them are things I did, but they are all things that either my friends or I have done:

  1. We rushed to the hospital where our kids were having their babies, to rock the babies and keep the kids calm (yes, it was a nice feeling too)
  2. Whether before or after our kids’ first baby came, we made sure that our kids had a roof over their heads, one that they owned, so that they didn’t have to pay sky-high rents. Some of us even turned our kids into landlords or landladies and helping them buy properties where they could rent out a room
  3. We paid into our kids’ savings plans for their babies, so that when their babies go to university, they won’t face so much debt. Some of us paid for their babies’ schooling or extra classes
  4. We helped our kids set up their businesses, in many different ways, whether by spending time with them on planning their businesses, coaching them how to make (and save) money and helping them with contacts to develop their businesses further
  5. We do our job as grandparents, looking after our kids’ babies when needed (yes, perhaps not too often – after all, familiarity breeds contempt, and absence makes the heart grow fonder), reading to them, even educating them
  6. We take our kids and their babies on trips, even holidays, helping them see and make the most of the world
  7. We advise them on their health and that of their babies, and tell them not to be scared of doctors who like to lord it over them – we are the generation that learnt to disrespect those who like to impose their authority on them
  8. We advise them on their money and how not to lose it by obeying the recommendations of stupid Generation X advisors who just want to make commission out of them
  9. We keep them calm when things go wrong in life, giving them everything from refuges to havens of peace – physically or mentally. We provide them with the common sense they need to stay calm.
  10. We avoid imposing our problems upon them, by continuing the independence that we established in the 1960s and 1970s as teenagers and young adults.

Of course, not all of us do all of these things, but if you believe the rubbish that I mentioned at the top of this page, you would think we did and do nothing. You are not doing yourself a favour. It’s a cheap shot to blame the previous generation, for example, by blaming them as politicians who ran governments, as if you didn’t vote for them and their lies. The grandparent – parent – child relationship is one of the most precious things on earth. It shouldn’t be put at risk by big generalisations about the behaviour of a whole generation.

So let’s hear it for us baby boomers!

What are your thoughts on baby boomers? Do you think we helped or hindered the baby makers? Do share in a comment below.

Merlin is a professional grandpa and baby boomer. He is not a wizard, though he tries to be for his children.

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