Here comes the next generation of Play-Doh!


We are HUGE fans of Play-Doh in this house. In fact, nothing keeps our little girl more occupied than an hour spent exploring the various squish-tastic functions of a Play-Doh set.

Yes, Play-Doh has been with us throughout the years, and is a fab medium to learn through play, and spark imaginations in little ones. Truth be told, just the Play-Doh itself provides endless opportunities for learning through play, but the clever folk at Play-Doh are also keeping up with the times with the launch of new sets which provide hours of additional fun.

A perfect example of this is their Play-Doh Town range which we got to check out recently because apparently, a fire had broken out and we were going to save the day by getting busy with our Firehouse and Fire Truck!

We loved the concept behind this set which basically involved squishing out Play-Doh flames, squeezing down an escape pole (awesome!!!), smoodging out wild hairstyles on the firefighter…


battling flames with a water cannon extruder (double awesome!)…


making a hose with the fire hydrant, and chopping, yes chopping! flames out with the axe, as you do. We also had endless amounts of fun squishing out Play-Doh from a puppy’s behind!

And of course no firefighting scene would be complete without a Fire Truck which provides lots of entertainment racing it to the scene of the fire to tackle the blaze with some more water cannon action. Of course, both of the items come with the trademark Play-Doh pressing tool and stamps, plus Play-Doh cans but with a little twist…house-themed so you can stack them and get really into the firefighting mood.


As usual, Play-Doh gets a double thumbs up for huge amounts of fun and imagination to keep little ones busy…and most importantly…to keep them learning! 

Check out the full Play Doh town range here

*This post is in collaboration with Hasbro Toys. All opinions are my own. 


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