Hersey & Son Zodiac necklace review + #win

Zodiac necklace

What do you get for the women who’s got it all? Well, I have a pretty good idea for you….and it comes in the form of a Hersey & Son Zodiac necklace!

Who are Hersey & Son?

Hersey & Son is a London silversmith that creates beautiful handcrafted silver pieces using time-honoured techniques thanks to a team of silver spinners, silversmiths, polishers and engravers. In fact, they are one of the few remaining traditional silversmiths in the UK – a small family business that manufactures beautiful silver jewellery and gift pieces by hand in their London workshop, since 1955.

The Zodiac Collection

Hersey & Son has recently launched a new collection of gorgeous zodiac pendants that you can pair with other charms such as birthstones, letters, and engravable lockets to build your own personal story.

Their charming zodiac patterns were originally designed in the 1970s and are about the size of a 10p coin, and can be personalised on the reverse with a name, initials or short message. I was invited to build my own zodiac pendant to build my own story.

Zodiac necklace

Enter the Libra

Of course, being a Libran, my necklace was centred around the symbol of the scales – which reflects my fixation on balance and harmony. Just don’t let them tip!!!!

I then paired this with one of Libra’s birthstones – Tourmaline – Earth’s most colourful mineral and gemstone, before completing my story with the initials of those in my little family – T, E and W.

Zodiac necklace

The end result

….is breathtaking. The charms all sit so perfectly alongside the zodiac coin, and it is so clearly lovingly crafted. It’s super wearable whether it be for every day or special occasions and has become one of my most treasured pieces of jewellery. I love the way the charms hang down, and it’s obvious to see that the items from across the Hersey & Son collections work exceptionally well together.

How about the price?

In terms of pricing, for such beautiful handcrafted pieces of quality, it’s all incredibly affordable. A Zodiac pendant is £40, then it’s £20 for a gemstone and £10 for initials which means that there are lots of different combinations of things you can do depending on your budget. Plus Hersey & Son are offering 10% off + free delivery for my readers with the code HELLOHERSEY2019.

Final thoughts

I am absolutely in love with Hersey & Son’s Zodiac collection. I am a real Libran in every single way, so being able to wear my star sign and birthstone plus the initials of my nearest and dearest just feels so special for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a Zodiac necklace from Hersey & Son as a wonderful gift for anyone special in your life.


The lovely people at Hersey & Son are kindly offering a £50 voucher to spend with them to create a Zodiac necklace!

Enter on our giveaways page here

*I was sent a Zodiac, birthstone and initials necklace from Hersey & Co for review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I would have the LIbra sign and the for October and the Tourmaline stone. I would also add the initials K and R for my husband and I as it was also the month of our wedding

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