How to hold an easy, no-fuss, Paw Patrol birthday party on a budget

Paw Patrol birthday party on a budget

We, like many, have a massive Paw Patrol fan in our midst, and of course when her fourth birthday rolled around it was no surprise that a Paw Patrol birthday party was requested. If money is tight and you want to keep costs down, then there is a lot you can do to create an awesome themed Paw Patrol party without spending a fortune. Today I’m going to share what we did for ours.


paw patrol party on a budget

Firstly let me say here – ebay is your best friend here. There are plenty of vendors selling packages of Paw Patrol themed plates, cups, tablecloths and the like and you can choose various different quantities and combinations. Here is the one we used (Warehouse Ltd) which I would recommend. This for us was really the biggest outlay for us at £24.99 for a set of 24 alongside food but if money is really tight you could ever skip this bit altogether and go with non themed partyware.



paw patrol birthday cake

I am not a baker, or an icer…so for me it was going to have to be a purchase but if you do bake I spied these rather handy Paw Patrol cake topper set again on ebay. The best value Paw Patrol cake can be found at both Tesco and Sainsbury both at £11 serving 16 but we stretched this to around 22 children plus some left over!

In terms of all the other food, quite honestly, most children really don’t know the difference so we grabbed all the usual party food and bought these really lovely little Paw Patrol cup cake toppers (again from ebay) and dispersed those among the food – particularly the fruit and veggies.

Our food list went like this:

  • Cheese sandwiches
  • Chicken sandwiches (for even lower budget you can swap to jam sandwiches!)
  • Vegetable platter
  • Fruit platter
  • Hula Hoops
  • Cocktail sausages (buy a load of frozen ones and bung in the oven that morning)
  • Chicken nuggets (ditto)

I go to so many children’s parties where there is an insane amount of food and even more ridiculous selection but honestly, I just think that’s so OTT and this was more than enough for 20 kids.


This is when you can really let you imagination run wild. We bought a pack of Paw Patrol Masks (again from ebay here) and facilitated our own games including:

  • Marshall Says (aka Simon)
  • Beat the Rubble (aka goalie)
  • Give Chase his badge (ie pin the tail on the donkey) which you can buy from ebay here and make extra badges as necessary)  – pictured above
  • Musical Pups (aka musical statues – freeze in your best pup stance!)
  • Paw Patrol Rescue Hunt (aka treasure hunt) – we used these Paw Patrol Chocolate Badges as the treasure!

Paw Patrol birthday party on a budget

And there you have it! A totally puptastic hassle free Paw Patrol party on a budget. Do you have a Paw Patrol fan at home who is requesting a Paw Patrol party. What do you think of the above?



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