Home design and decor cheats to make your home look more expensive than it is!

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There are lots of things you can do to make your home look more expensive, or rather from a sales point of view, more valuable. You can add up to 12.5% of your home’s value with a loft conversion. £10,000 value if you improve kerb appeal. You could also up your properties value by a serious 6% just by adding a new kitchen.  

But what if instead of investing thousands of pounds to add value to your home, you could make some budget changes and make your home look incredibly expensive with some home design and decor cheats?

Well, regular readers of my blog will know my motto in life is “fake it’ til you make”, so this could be a fantastic option for creating a decadent decor aesthetic, or even for increasing your properties likelihood to sell. No, it won’t fix deep structural issues or battered and bruised cabinets, walls and tiling, as the saying goes, ‘you can’t polish a….’.

But you CAN use these home design and decor cheats to add little sparkle, a little shine. If done right, it can make your home look like it could be featured in a luxury magazine – seriously!! 

Would you like some inspiration so that your home can look like a celebrity pad but without the jaw-dropping price tag? Take a look at these home design and decor tips to start your journey to making your home seem a lot more luxurious than it actually is: 

Make The Most Of The Expensive Features You Already Have

Wood fires, Victorian fireplaces, beautiful moulding, wooden beams, floor to ceiling bifold doors (check these ones out from Vufold), beautiful hardwood floors: these are expensive features you already have. Capitalise on their expensiveness by making them into features. Remove clutter from them, polish them up, dust them and make them into focal points. Fireplaces, in particular, are great opportunities for expensive focal points.

Add Luxurious Textures

Thick giant wool blankets, faux fur throws, chunky velvet curtains, long pile carpet rugs, fresh expensive towels – these are all additions that add textural luxury to your home. That luxury ‘feel’ can be literal, and instantly makes your home way more tactile.

Get Arty

Family pictures make a house feel homey and personal, but not expensive. Artwork, even if it is a family portrait, adds instant visual appeal and value to your decor. You don’t need to fill every empty wall, but some well-sized art hung correctly will go a long way to adding creative flair and unique aspects to your home. You could even frame art you have done yourself if you feel confident enough, or perhaps even highlight some of your own photography. If you created the art, that is even more exclusive and unique, adding to that luxury feel.


Is there ever any home improvement advice that doesn’t tell you to declutter? A cluttered house will never look expensive, even if the clutter itself cost a ton. I know it’s SO hard with kids and toys around but art galleries are minimalist for a reason, the more space a work has to be appreciated, the more value it has. One of the best ways to improve the aesthetic of your home beyond recognition is to actually have less.

Ditch anything that doesn’t serve a purpose and then only add items you have thought hard about adding. Focus on minimalist design and making your home feel less cramped (easier said than done with a family living it I know!) and your layout and decor will look thought through like an expensive home designer has planned it all for you. Thankfully I have some great tips on decluttering a family home here

Update Your Fixtures

Fixtures are small, but oh so important for adding a luxurious feel. It is important to ensure that all fixtures in one room are the same shade of metal. Mixing brass, copper and silver fixtures will cheapen the look. You really can transform a room just by upgrading the fixtures.

Get Some Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light making the space look bigger and lighter. Bigger spaces equal luxury because usually, more expensive houses are bigger (tiny £1 million apartments in London aside). Go to a car boot on Sunday, buy a few mirrors that fit your home decor, and hang them up. For less than £20 you can instantly add light and opulence to your home.

Use Marketing Tricks

Even an expensive home can actually look cheap if the ambience isn’t right. In a study completed on ambience, the sales of ovens went up by 23% just because the smell of apple pie was pumped into the store. You can use the same technique to get people to buy into your home. You don’t want them to buy your oven of course, but by thinking about the lighting, the smell and the temperature, you can really create a beautiful environment that seems well thought out, and that instantly makes guests feel comfortable and happy in your space.

Luxury is anything that feels special. I mean, it can be a moment, it can be a walk on the beach, it could be a kiss from your child, or it could be a beautiful picture frame, a special fragrance. I think luxury doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive. – Aerin Lauder

The look of opulence doesn’t have to come from a big budget. Be creative, be minimalist and seek inspiration from places like Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram. Your home could be instantly more luxurious with a few simple tweaks, and a few cheap additions.

Are you looking to add a bit of luxe to your home? What do you think of these home design and decor cheats to make that happen? Do leave a comment and share. You might also enjoy this post on bathroom remodel ideas.

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