Hormone problems: Are you going mad or is it your hormones?

hormone problems

It’s taken me a while to write this because quite frankly, until recently, I was still at the behest of my raging hormone imbalance.

I was always convinced that I was destined to develop post natal depression when I had my little girl, but having somehow skipped out on that, I wasn’t prepared for the hormonal havoc that would ensue when I came off breastfeeding when she was aged 15 months.

The calamity of hormonal imbalance

Cue a world of problems (which later I discovered were hormone problems, to be exact). Rages, mood swings, brain fog, hot flushes, diving sex drive, fatigue. My whole life felt the strain. I thought perhaps I was going mad.

For a good year Mr C tiptoed on eggshells as I just could not get a handle on myself for 75% of my monthly cycle. It’s a miracle he stood by me – and for that I am forever grateful.

But I couldn’t go on like this. It was killing our family. And then one day I had that light bulb moment. Suddenly I had an inspired moment that perhaps instead of me being crazy, that perhaps it could be my hormones. Truth be told, with everything I was experiencing I thought the perimenopause had come to knock on my door ten years earlier than it should.

Why the big hot mess?

But knowing how flippant GPs can be about this stuff, and I just couldn’t face months more of this as I tried to decipher why exactly I was such a big hot mess. And so on to Google I went…and eventually I came to my own conclusion I needed to see a hormone specialist, and sooner or later, all internet paths lead to the Marion Gluck Clinic in London, a specialist clinic specializing in the use of bio-identical hormones to restore and maintain optimal health and hormone balance. I promptly bought her book It Must Be My Hormones. It only made me more certain that I needed to visit the clinic.

And thank goodness it did.

Some clarity at last…

By the time of my first appointment with my consultant, I had convinced myself that I was a freak show. But suddenly in that appointment that all started to fade away as it transpired that so many women came to the clinic experiencing that I had been experiencing for different reasons.

Blood tests were done and as I had begun to expect, my hormones had become out of kilter and never settled down post pregnancy. Not by much, but all you need it a little imbalance to reign havoc – well at least in my case at key points in my monthly cycle. I had become hell on earth every time my hormones changed – just before and after my period and during ovulation…apparently because my levels of progesterone were just slightly out of whack.

And so off I went with my prescription of bio identical progesterone cream (bio identical hormones being the buzz word here because they have the same chemical structure as the naturally occurring hormones which are produced in the body), to be applied during those periods of havoc.

Better but not perfect

Ten months on, although I am not perfect, I am the best and most livable version of myself I have ever been since I stopped breastfeeding. It wasn’t cheap but I maintain it was a small price to pay for getting my life back on track and bringing harmony back into my household.

Have you found your hormones never truly settled down after baby? Do you think they could be responsible for your thus far inexplicable behaviour? Do leave a comment – I’d love to hear your experiences.

Have your hormones be driving you mad? If so why not watch our video on the truth about how hormones affect you here:



  1. I’ve been quite lucky with my hormones but I am now awaiting the menopause (not early!) and I’m wondering if my hormones are going to go crazy this one last time. I’m glad you sought help and I hope your hormones give you peace in the future.

  2. To use that much overused expression, OMG – this is me. I have been suffering from the menopausal madness as I like to refer to it for ages and my husband spends a lot of time dodging the missiles that come his way as a result of it. A friend recommended this very same clinic but I have to confess I did recoil at the price and have retreated to mull it over but after yet another miserable month of hormonal fluctuations I think it is time to take the plunge. Will report back.

  3. I’ve changed pills about 4 times since having my Daughter as my mood swings were getting really bad. I still haven’t found a pill that really works but I’m fairly happy with the one I’m on now. Partner thinks I’m just a moody cow and I need to accept it instead of blaming contraception ha

  4. I’m convinced my hormones haven’t been right since having little man almost four years ago. 3 weeks out of 4 each month I don’t feel myself. Periods are worse than ever and forget the pill, that’s useless these days when it used to suit me perfectly. I come to the same conclusion every month. It has to be hormone related. I should go to the doctors just to see what they say but we plod on don’t we. This may have given me the push to book an appointment. I’m glad you got sorted 🙂 #coolmumclub

  5. Oh wow, thank goodness for Google hey. It’s horrid feeling out of sorts and like you’re cracking up. I always turn into a psycho when I am first pregnant and hate myself and everyone and round me!! So glad you got to the bottom of it and are now doing better. #coolmumclub

  6. Really interested to read this, and will definitely check out the book. I’ve experienced a lot of the same sort of thing. It’s hard to know whether it’s just ‘you’ or if there’s something that can be helped! #coolmumclub

  7. This is very interesting indeed! Hormones are such a big deal aren’t they?! My sister sadly recently gone through early menopause and she has been in a right state with is, feeling awful. I’m so glad you were insisted that there was something wrong and managed to get the help you needed. Our health is EVERYTHING! Can I just say it was lovely to meet you at #BlogonMSI, I can’t believe you’ve already written a blog post about it and filmed a vlog, I’m still knackered! You are a one-woman whirlwind and oyu work so hard…respect to you lady! Hope to see you again soon lovely. Tor xx #coolmumclub

  8. There are a few clues my hormones might be a bit wobbly…hair loss, weight variation, oh aAnd being a MENTAL cow ha ha! I blame my hormones, totally 😉
    Can’t believe we have been rocking #coolmumclub a whole year! What a year! Love ya linky partner in crime! 😉 x

  9. This is really interesting, but what stuck out to me most is the changes happened when you stopped breastfeeding. I am slowly coming to the end of my journey and my son is almost 15 months. I was recently told by someone that stopping bf can have a huge effect on your hormones, and it’s not something I’d ever connected before. I have had a few “hairy” moments around the time of my period, but that has always been normal for me. Sleep deprivation also plays a bit part of my craziness, so when you’re sleep deprived, on your period and just stopped breastfeeding, it can be hard to decipher what is “normal” hormonal behaviour, and what is “needs attention” hormonal behaviour. It’s definitely something I’ll keep an eye on – I’ll also be showing this to my husband so he can be prepared and support me if things go a bit crazy for a while, rather than just getting annoyed with me! Glad you managed to get it sorted and are feeling better for it! #coolmumclub

  10. Oh gosh, this could be me. I need to look into this. My hormones are just awful nowadays and I know that I need to do something about it but I haven’t felt that I could go to the Dr. Urgh. #CoolMumClub

  11. My hormones went CRAZY after I had my youngest, I literally was all over the place. I was referred to an endocrinologist and had all kinds of tests and eventually he decided to start me on the pill which did seem to settle things down. I came off it last month so I’m not sure how things will continue, I’m hoping that it has all settled and I will carry on as “normal”. I guess I’ll soon know about it, or at least my husband will! #stayclassymama

  12. Urgh- bloody hormones!! Have a lot to answer for. With PCOS and PND I’ve had the craziness and am currently feeling *almost* normal but at 37 I imagine the dreaded M-word is not too far down the line and I’ll lose the plot again! I haven’t looked into HRT in any detail yet (denial!) but increased cancer risks aren’t exactly a great selling point so I’d really need to up my game when it comes to changing my diet, exercise, mindset etc. I’ve never heard of bio-identical wotsit cream but it sounds like there are many more alternatives out there now to the original HRT treatment. Glad to hear you’ve found something that works for you – it’s so awful feeling like a crazy old witch, most of the time I just thought it was everyone else being unbearable!!! 🙂 🙂 xx #coolmumclub

  13. This was really interesting to read as has been on my mind – for years! I’ve always suffered with hormones, and after having my fourth baby and just feeling all those out of whack feelings, awful pmt, hair loss, fatigue etc, I just know my hormones our out of whack and losing hair from my head, but growing it on my chin, is NOT cool! I always had that feeling that GP wouldnt do anything about it, so interesting that you went somewhere specifically for it, must look in to it. Thanks for sharing…X #CoolMumClub…

  14. I am really glad to hear that you have found something that works for you. I do think hormones have a lot to answer for. PMT is a pain and to add insult to injury we then go on to have the menopause which doesn’t sound good.

  15. I will probably loft forever- THANKS KIDS

    With every pregancy my body and hormones went just a tad more cray- cycles turned monsterous, the tears the anxiety- OMG the ANXIETY.

    Understanding what is going on is super helpful in dealing though.. great honest read


  16. This is such an insightful post… my partner and I always reminisce on my amazingly imbalanced hormones when pregnant and breastfeeding. I had complete mental breakdowns while breastfeeding at times; don’t get me wrong i LOVED it but hormones were a complete bitch! Thankfully didn’t get post-natal depression either, super lucky. I still suffer with hormone imbalance at times and my little prince is 2 now! A woman body goes through so much when we give birth we don’t even realise! Love this <3

  17. Well done on finding the source of your ups-and-downs rather than just trying to live with it. I’m pleased to hear that life has levelled out again. You’re right that nobody prepares you for the hormonal changes when you stop breastfeeding. I found the first month or two really hard. I don’t feel I have any significant imbalance like you’ve had to deal with. But at the points in my cycle where I used to get ’emotional’ before pregnancy are now that bit more extreme now. It’s a shame you had to go to such lengths to get your issues diagnosed.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences – I bet there are people out there who just don’t realise what is affecting them! #CoolMumClub

  18. ‘Whore-moans’ – loved that first comment by Rachel! Thank you for sharing this. I think that so far I’ve been pretty lucky with my hormones, so I’m expecting the menopause to come and bite me in the bum big time as a payback! Happy Birthday and congratulations to you and Sarah for running this linky a whole year – that is such an achievement. Alison x #coolmumclub

  19. Hormones have a lot to answer for! Mine were totally out of whack. Before my periods came back I was a nightmare, just miserable all the time and horrible. They have fortunately settled down. I’m glad you have got things sorted.

    Happy Birthday, thanks so much for hosting a fab Linky. #coolmumclub

  20. How interesting. Not for you, it sounds pretty sucky for you. But I had never thought about it before. I don’t get angry hormones I get crying hormones, I just thought I’d have to live with it, but it can get a bit dark. Hmm. Thanks for sharing. I’m off to google now. #CoolMumClub

  21. Oh yes, my hormones make me crazy, or at least I like to think it’s my hormones rather than me actually being crazy x #coolmumclub

  22. Reading this was a bit like a lighbulb moment! I wish I could climb into my phone and hug you. I absolutely have not been right at all since having and breastfeeding my two. I am now going to do some Googling but I suspect my pesky horobes are to blame!! Thank you for the nudge lovely. #coolmumclub xx

  23. Yes, I struggle too (and I’m still breastfeeding so I dread to think what will happen when I stop) But thank you for taking the stigma out of this. We are not to blame, our hormones are. #coolmumclub

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x

  24. It had never really occurred to me, I put it down to being tired rather than anything else, but this sounds all too familiar! xxx #coolmumclub

  25. Having gone from being pregnant to breastfeeding to being pregnant again with no gap I don’t think I’m currently of a balanced mind enough to pass comment!! #coolmumclub

  26. This is definitely food for thought. Sometimes I can’t even stand being around myself and often wonder how the hubby puts up with me when I’m in one of ‘those moods’, for absolutely no reason. When you think how much post-pregnancy plays havoc with your body on the outside, it’s no wonder that it also has an affect on the inside. Glad you tackled this head on and are feeling better xx #coolmumclub

  27. Hormones have a lot to answer for huh!
    I’m so glad you found the key to happiness and a bit of normality again. Pregnancy and all that comes after sends us chicks into a total tiz body-wise doesn’t it.
    Big love, L

  28. Thanks so much for all the comments everyone – I’m so happy to hear this was an illuminating post and for those of you who are now wondering whether this could be the answer to your ups and downs, good luck with your own journey towards balance! xx

  29. Your experience of not being able to get a handle on yourself is definitely well understood by women in a similar situation. Congrats on finding a specialist clinic that has helped you get to this point.

  30. […] Hormonal changes after childbirth and some medical conditions can also impact upon your libido. You may also be worried about getting pregnant again or that sex doesn’t feel the same as before. There may be a physiological reason for your lack of energy and some medications can affect your sex drive, so speak to your GP if you think this may be the problem. […]

  31. I know how it feels because when I was expecting my first child, my wife used to tell me about her hormones. First I got scared but when our gynecologist described the matter to us, then we realize the situation.

  32. Brilliant post! I could’ve wrote it myself. I breastfed all 5 of my boys. With my lady 3 once breastfeeding had ended I was pregnant again so my body didn’t really have chance to correct itself. With my youngest I breast fed for 2 years. Stopped January 2017. 7 months down the line im still not regular and my moods are horrendous. I now swear by evening primrose oil, omega 3 and B vitamins to help balance me out

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