How automation can liberate you as a blogger

Life as a blogger can be a little bit hectic at times, keeping on top of blog posts, opportunities, social media, and replying to comments all add up. And if you have other commitments, which most of us do, then you will know that every spare minute you get is essential. If you would like to get ahead, then excellent time management is crucial. But there are some ways in which automation can help you, and discover what it means to have a tight ship and everything running smoothly. Making sure everything is done promptly is a huge asset to any self-employed person.

Scheduling Advertising

Automating certain aspects of your blog, such as blog posts and advertising those across different platforms and paid advertising, is one quick win that you could implement to save yourself a lot of time and will bring you many rewards since consistency is important, RRS to email is an option that many people choose to use. There are many other ways to automate parts of your workload, and you could try automating your Google ads as well.

Automating your advertising can be very lucrative since you are able to schedule times of the day that may be inconvenient for you. If you are strict with yourself and schedule time each week to get ahead with your automated posts, then you are much more likely to be able to manage your workload effectively. 

Social Media

Sometimes becoming distracted from your social media posting can be detrimental to your social media efforts. Using the ability to post social media post when you aren’t even near the internet can really bring you interaction and reach that you may not have dreamt of. On Facebook the easiest method is to simply click the ‘schedule’ button. When it comes to using tools to schedule your posts though you do need to make sure you research thoroughly.

Some schedulers are excellent and manage your audience as well, plus you are able to keep track of the popular hashtags and ‘trending’ topics. Hootsuite is one of those amazing tools you can use that will help with this. 


As with anything, your tools of the trade must work smoothly, when we aren’t running at full speed, for whatever reason, you will find it may be losing your money and time! Don’t forget to use your phone to its full capacity as well; there is an option to be able to schedule your invoices and payments as well as keeping track of all of your client requests and information that you may need for your work. It’s a great idea to keep a regular routine like clockwork with this one as you really don’t want your efforts falling short. 

Ultimately a more effective process and being in charge of your time and efforts cannot be a bad thing. Many people feel overwhelmed, especially if blogging is not their primary income earner. So do your research and look for automation ideas that you can realistically commit to. Being honest with yourself and working out where your weaknesses lie and fixing them by any means necessary, will be potentially a game-changer for you. 

Have you considered automation to make your life as a blogger more efficient? Do share in a comment below.


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