How preschool writing skills can help improve university essays

improve university essays

Writing university essays is hands down one of the things I found most challenging about my university days. It’s no wonder that the transition to writing university essays can sometimes be quite challenging. As prospective professionals, professors and institutions themselves demand a much higher writing and analytic ability from students. This said, coming straight from a high school environment, it can be very intimidating to start writing let alone improve university essays.

On the other hand, there are certain techniques one can apply to make this whole process much easier and to also improve university essays. To your surprise, using some of the writing skills you learned in preschool can be very helpful in making you feel more confident in writing university papers. By using these strategies, your improvements will certainly be reflected in your grades.

Writing Tools

Before you start your paper, it is important that you choose your favourite writing tool; may them be a word document, coloured pens, chalk, pencils or crayons. This will help motivate you to start writing and find a blank piece of paper not that frightening while making you more eager to fill it up with words.

Drawings and Images

If you’re one to struggle with words, instead of forcing yourself to write full sentences and paragraphs look back at when your preschool teachers would encourage you to draw diagrams, images or pictures. By drawing, your creativity will be automatically triggered, and you will find it a lot easier to develop your thoughts and express your ideas. You can worry about making it neat and professional sounding later – but for the planning stage of your paper, this strategy can be incredibly helpful.


To encourage young children to start writing, many preschool teachers start teaching them “listing”. By this, it is meant that they teach children how to write a few words from different themes. For example, from the “Food” category, children may learn how to the words “orange”, “chocolate”, “lettuce” or “milk”. This strategy can be used for those who find starting writing an academic paper from scratch difficult. If you have no idea on how to start writing, try jotting down every word you can think of that is associated with the topic you are writing about without non-stop for about five minutes. This is an important method that will help in liberating your creativity and triggering your thought processes; making it easier for you to develop your ideas. In the end, you’ll produce a well-thought piece of work that possibly includes many ideas that you’d never thought about before.

Handwriting vs Typing

According to a study by psychologists in 2016, writing in pen and paper rather than typing on a computer in adults is an excellent way to improve academic performance. Of course, tablets and computers have many ways in which they contribute positively to writing. They allow you to edit quicker and neater, appearing to make the writing process a lot better than handwriting.

However, studies have shown that handwriting like you once did in preschool actually activates graphomotor and visuomotor abilities. This means that while typing may seem the faster option for writing a paper, handwriting will automatically increase your speed, velocity, and eagerness when writing your paper. In short, in comparison to using computers and keyboards to write your university essay, try turning to handwrite for at least the planning stage and keep typing for the final and clean version of your paper. This technique will increase your levels of performance in ways you would not have expected it to.


There is nothing less unattractive and disappointing than reading a professional paper with spelling mistakes. In fact, many people have considered that spelling errors in academic papers may discourage readers to continue reading it, and in other cases, they may entirely make the paper seem fake and unreliable. It probably won’t be necessary to do occasional spelling tests to improve your university essay writing, but you can at least remember the importance that good spelling was given in preschool. By just thinking of this, you may feel motivated to do multiple spell checks by either using a computer, a fellow friend or the long-forgotten dictionary.


In order to make your paper interesting, appealing and keep the reader hooked, it is essential to have a wide vocabulary and to be able to use it appropriately. Use a thesaurus or an online version of it to avoid making your paragraphs seem repetitive and more professional instead. Learning to use a thesaurus may not have been during your years at preschool, but it’s certainly a skill you acquired in elementary school. On the other hand, be careful about employing words that just sound fancy; when not used in the right context, the whole paragraph risks not making sense at all. If you cannot find the word that you’re looking for, try writing your point in a completely different way; this would actually result in making your idea sound a lot better than you expected.

In conclusion, to help improve university essays and your performance in your university, it may be a smart move to go back in time to your preschool years and recall some of the things that have in one way or another helped you come all this way in your academic life. Hopefully, this short list of advice helps you tackle the challenges of writing a university paper! Otherwise it is also possible to get help from essay writing services and order custom university essays written from scratch by experienced writers.

Good luck with your essays everybody! 

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