How to get to your ideal weight if you’re a busy mum

As women, we have so much pressure put on us to look a certain way, we’re often held to unhealthy and unrealistic expectations. While we know the images in magazines are airbrushed and that size zero models aren’t always the healthiest, we can’t help but compare ourselves and feel down or even ashamed about our bodies when they don’t look the same way. It’s worse still when it comes to motherhood, with so many celebrities ‘bouncing back’ to their pre-baby size within weeks, there’s the expectation there for us to be able to work towards our ideal weight immediately and it really sucks.

As women we’re all different, we come in all shapes and sizes and each and every one of us is beautiful in our own way. The important thing is to be healthy, after all, with a little one depending on us we want to be around for them for as long as we can. If you’re working towards your ideal weight then dropping some pounds from a health perspective is always going to be a good thing, and if you want to do it just to feel good then go for it! Just don’t be pressured into it or feel as though you’re being forced to look a certain way.

Weight loss is one of the hardest things, losing it and keeping at your ideal weight requires willpower and effort and so it really has to be because it’s what you truly want. With that being said, here are some of the ways you can achieve your ideal weight around your busy schedule of being a mum.

Meal replacement

Meal replacement plans are great as you don’t have to think about food whatsoever. There’s no complicated prep and no counting calories, you mix your food packs (usually shakes and soups) with water and you’re good to go. These are pretty extreme and only really an option if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, but if you’re keen to get to your ideal weight and have willpower of steel then it’s a good way to go.

They easily fit in with your busy schedule with a baby as there’s no shopping, cooking or food prep whatsoever. However, if your children are older and/ or you cook for your partner too then it could be more difficult when you’re not able to eat any real food yourself. They’re also not suitable if you’re breastfeeding exclusively so this is something to bear in mind.

Slimming clubs

Slimming clubs are great as you get the support from the group leader and the other members and the weekly meetings can really keep you on track. Each group will have their own system of points of counting calories in some way, with plenty of guidance of what to eat as well as recipe ideas and weekly weigh ins to keep you on track. You get to eat ‘normal’ food so it’s easy to fit around your life, and you can still cook healthy meals for your family too.

If you like the interactive element and feeling as though you’re in the same boat with others then this is one to consider. An hour a week to attend a slimming club can give you a bit of a break, it’s not exactly relaxing ‘me time’ but it’s still time you’re investing into yourself.

Incorporate more exercise

If your diet is ok or you just want to tone up then exercising more is the way to go. It can be hard when you have a baby or a young family, but the trick is to incorporate it into your lifestyle and this has always been my preference. Go on long walks with the pram, take the kids to the park and run around with then, go on family bike rides or days out where you naturally do a lot of walking.

See what exercises you can do at home, Youtube videos can be an amazing way of fitting in short bursts of exercise or if you can get the childcare you could hit the gym. Who knows, if you get the workout bug you could even make a career of it! Look into Fitness courses Online – UK, it’s something you could do around raising your family.

Are you working towards achieving your ideal weight? Have you tried any of the above and what has worked and what hasn’t for you? Do share in a comment below.


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