How to keep wasps away from your home

keep wasps away

Yellow jackets are a nuisance and can be dangerous, especially if you have a wasp allergy.  The closer they are to your home and the paths you walk every day the more likely they are to be a problem. If you’re wondering how to keep wasps away from your home then this article is for you!

Yellow jackets are a type of wasp, generally relatively small and they have the traditional yellow and black stripes. In general, they won’t disturb you unless they feel threatened by you. Unfortunately, simply walking to close to their nest can seem like a threat to them. The result could be an attack by a swarm of them, resulting in a collection of nasty stings and potentially a hospital visit.

Dealing With A Nest Issue

If you discover a nest in your garden or your home it is important to take steps to deal with the issue to keep wasps away. Even if you are not allergic it is better to speak to your local pest control company and have them remove the nest for you. They have the tools and equipment to remove the nest safely. If you attempt to do it yourself you may find that the yellow jackets become agitated and attack you.

When wasps attack and you’re up a ladder trying to remove their nest, you’ll find you have no place to go. It’s going to result in being stung, a nasty fall, or both. It’s far safer to get the local exterminators to do what they are trained for.

Of course, the better idea is to keep the yellow jackets away from your home in the first place.

Dummy Nests

Wasps and yellow jackets are territorial, they don’t like to share with other wasps. Want to keep wasps away? If you put a fake hive up before they arrive the yellow jackets are very likely to create their hive somewhere else.

Don’t put it up after they have created their hive, it will infuriate them and likely lead to them attacking the fake hive. This will highlight the fact it is empty and reduces its effectiveness in the future.

Of course, these wasps can also nest below ground, hanging a fake hive may not even bother them.

Remove Food

Despite popular images, yellow jackets are actually attracted to garbage as much as flowers. This is because garbage is generally full of protein, which these asps need.

To keep wasps away, eliminate their food source by keeping your rubbish bins sealed shut. This will prevent them from getting to the food. Of course, you should empty the bins regularly and make sure the outside bins can shut, leaving them open slightly will attract wasps.

Pick Up Fruit

Yellow jackets do enjoy rotting fruit. If you have any fruit trees in your yard, inspect the floor around them daily to keep wasps away. This will allow you to find any fallen fruit and get rid of it before it starts to rot and attract the yellow jackets.

There are plenty of other bugs attracted to rotting fruit, eliminating the fruit will help to keep them all away.

Closed Compost Bin

A compost bin is an effective way of recycling material and creating fertilizer for the soil. However, as it can also attract yellow jackets, you should consider using a sealed compost bin to keep wasps away.

We hope you found these tips on how to keep wasps away. If you have any other tips feel free to leave them in a comment below.


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