How to make your family home less cramped

home less cramped

A cramped family home is always going to make you feel stressed out because it’ll feel like the walls are closing in on you and the stress of family life just gets magnified. So now is the perfect time to start making your home a little less cramped and creating some space than it’s feeling right now. Even if that might seem like a crazy pipedream to you right now, you should believe that’s possible because it really is. There is no shortage of ideas out there for you to try.

Before we get started discussing those ideas and changes, you should be aware that some of them will involve making big changes to your home, but others won’t. It’s a mixed bag of options for you to pick and choose from. Some of the ideas won’t really be suitable for your home or your family, but you’re sure to find some ideas that you can implement quickly, and they should have the desired effect. So scroll down to learn more.

Remove Unnecessary Walls

Does that wall really need to be there? If it’s breaking up the space and creating two small rooms rather than one big one, the answer to that question is probably yes. It’s in your interests to open the space up, and this might have to involve knocking down a few walls. An open plan living arrangement never feels cramped because there are no unnecessary dividing lines in the home anymore. Sure, it’s daunting to make big changes like these but they can really pay off.

Make Sure All Big and Bulky Furniture is Kept Against the Wall

Bulky furniture can be really problematic if you don’t have too much space to work with as it is. However, you shouldn’t forget that there is always a way to work around this kinds of issues. In this case, you can simply make sure the furniture is kept pressed against the wall. This makes it seem less overwhelming or bulky in your living space. It’s the perfect way to make use of the big furniture you love without it having a detrimental impact.

Offer Clear Routes Through Each Room

There should be obvious routes through each of the rooms in your home. If it’s not obvious how you’re supposed to get from one end of the room to the other without hitting and walking into furniture along the way, something has gone badly wrong with your layout design. It’s something that you should definitely work on improving. But don’t worry, because it’s very easy to do. You just need to try ideas out until you find the right fit.

home less cramped

Put Some of Your Less Urgently Needed Stuff in Storage

We all have plenty of possessions in our homes that we don’t really need to have there. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t to throw those things away forever. It can be a real dilemma because you don’t want to have them cluttering up your space but you don’t want to get rid. The answer is to use a storage service offered by the likes of Safestore. It’ll mean you can keep your stuff safe but it won’t be cluttering your home.

Invest in a Few Mirrors

Having a few mirrors in your home is definitely a great idea. As the image below shows you, they can add a fantastic feeling of space and openness even to small rooms. As well as making the room look bigger than it is, a good mirror will also reflect the natural light around the room, instantly making it feel more airy and light, which has to be a good thing for your home overall. So start browsing for some you think will be suitable.

home less cramped

Keep Wall Art Small and Simple

There’s nothing at all wrong with having wall art present in your home. It can really add something to the space and make it more visually appealing. But you should remember that you can make your home feel more cramped and crowded than it needs to by choosing large artworks there are complex and overwhelming. That’s why it tends to be better to choose small and simple art when you’re decorating a smaller space.

Don’t Let Things Lie Around on the Floor or on Surfaces With No Proper Home

Every little thing you have in your home should have its own dedicated space. If it doesn’t, you will only make your life more difficult when it comes to making your home feel less cramped. It’s hard to feel relaxed and at ease in your home when you constantly feel like you’re surrounded by clutter. So don’t just leave things lying around with nowhere else to go. Read my tips on how to have a clutter free home to get your started.

Use Double Duty Furniture for Extra Storage Space

Double duty furniture is always going to useful to you if you feel like your living space is currently too cramped. This kind of furniture tends to do the job you expect it to while also offering extra places for storage. It will make maintaining a tidy and ordered home much easier than it would otherwise be, so try to seek out double duty options next time you’re buying new furniture for your home.

Ditch Big Curtains for Minimalist Blinds

The window dressings you choose in your home will actually have a pretty big impact on just how spacious or cramped your home feels. When you have small blinds in your home, the space will feel more open because when the blinds are up, the natural light won’t be cut off at the sides the way it is when you have bulky curtains. And they simply won’t take up as much vital space as curtains do as well.

As you can see, your home doesn’t need to carry on feeling cramped and unsuitable. There are many things you can do to change both the space you have, as well as the perception of space in your home. It’s worth making as many of these changes as you can because they’ll all have an impact in their own way.

Are you looking to make your family home feel less cramped? What do you think of the ideas above? Or perhaps you have some tips of your own to share in a comment below?

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