How to throw a kids’ birthday party during Coronavirus + #win!

kids' birthday party

So your little darling has been counting down the months and days until their next birthday….full of excitement, then along came Coronavirus which stamped meanly all over your plans. So the questions is, how do you throw a kids’ birthday party during Coronavirus? Our daughter is turning seven next month, when the chances of being able to throw a birthday party of the type she’d been dreaming of are extremely slim. So what is a parent to do?

Enter the virtual birthday party!

Seeing as everything else has already moved over to Zoom, then why not a kid’s birthday party too!? We are really excited to have just booked an online party with Non-Stop Kids – a company which usually delivers around 8,000 children’s parties a year across the UK through a network of over 100 entertainers, including corporate clients including Drayton Manor and Cirque du Soleil no less.

In reaction to COVID-19, the company first developed a Virtual Party package, catering for up to 100 children at a time, after being approached by corporate client to provide a solution in support of its staff working from home.

How does a virtual kids’ birthday party work?

Virtual parties use Zoom technology so that the entertainer can interact with all the children taking part and involve a mixture of magic, songs and games tailored to the age group of each individual party.  

All the invited friends’ parents need to do is click on the link that you have sent them at the time and date you have chosen, and that’s it. Their children can log in via any device – a laptop, a computer, a smart phone, a tablet – basically anything!

The children will be able to see each other and will be able to see the entertainer. Unlike a static video it is a truly interactive experience. The kids can interact with each other as well as with the entertainer. The perfect next best thing to a virtual birthday party!

How much does a virtual kids’ birthday party cost?

The virtual parties that Non Stop Kids offer are priced very competitively…

The Complete Package which includes your Entertainer, Virtual party room, and free time for the children before and after the party in the Virtual Party Room is priced as follows:

£50 – 30 Minutes

£65 – 45 Minutes

£80 – 60 Minutes

£100  – 90 Minutes

You can also upgrade to a deluxe package – the ultimate in virtual parties – from only £20. It includes everything you get in the complete package plus:

  • A personalized electronic animated invite with picture of the birthday child for you to forward onto your invitees
  • A downloadable recording of the party for you to keep forever
  • Add any theme to your package
  • Virtual Party Bag 

Use the discount code 20MTRD20 at checkout to get a free party upgrade when booking an otherwise standard package. So why not check out their virtual parties page?

Needless to say, in a strange situation to have your birthday in, Miss E is still thrilled that she will still be able to have her birthday – just virtually!


We’re excited that we have one free standard virtual kids’ birthday party with Non Stop Kids up for grabs in this giveaway!

Enter on our giveaways page here

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  1. Both my grandchildren have/will have their birthdays during lock down , age 1 yrs and 4 yrs, so tough when they do not understand

  2. I think this is a great idea! I’d love to win for my son, he’s been very down in the dumps about the possibility of his June birthday being in lockdown, this would really cheer him up!

  3. It’s our 8 year son’s birthday this month and the past couple of months have been quite lonely for him.
    We are in shielding due to my serious ill health which has made his lockdown even more difficult and isolating than that of other children.
    A virtual party with his friends would cheer him up no end right now.

  4. Our son will be celebrating his birthday in a couple of weeks. He’s been quite lonely during lockdown because I’m in shielding due to serious ill health so he’s not been able to do as much as some of his peers. A virtual party with his friends would really cheer him up no end.

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