I am the mum who….


Thanks so much to Helen from All The Beautiful Things for nominating me in the “I am the Mum who” tag. I love this tag because it’s the perfect way to combine both the heart warming and insanity of being a mum all together in one not so tidy package. And so here goes, I am the Mum who…

  1. Tries to act like I’m totally chilled but always secretly fretting inside about doing my best
  1. Still obsesses over nap and sleep times… 2 years on…come on already enough is enough!
  1. Usually gets poo smeared on me once a day
  1. Is a sucker for getting wound up like a bobbin – I am the ultimate button pressing toddler toy!
  1. Routinely has to scrape mouldy crumbs off the inside of her bag
  1. Packed up work and sold my business after 12 months to stay at home because life is too short
  1. Still loves to watch my girl on the monitor as she falls asleep soppy sod that I am
  1. Is the most sneakiest sneaky so-and-so at sneaking vegetables into every which way combination of foods
  1. Will punish myself by doing toddler craft despite being absolutely SHIT at toddler craft
  1. Will literally be aching from missing my girl an hour after I have said goodbye despite desperately counting down the minutes to freedom
  1. Has been known give a death stare to other kids in the playground who are acting like brats
  1. Never gets tired of picking up her snuggly little bean first thing in the morning or whispering her sweet nothings at night…despite always being tired!
  2. Believes that being a better parent means time alone is not a luxury but a necessity
  1. Has learnt to chose my battles, but is still learning
  1. Has a heart that melts every time I hear that cutesy kooky what did you just say? toddler chatter
  1. Is playful as a pussy cat but mean as a dog
  1. Would win hands down in any nursery-rhyme show down
  1. Is often driven to wine at the end of the day
  1. Would do all this motherhood thing again, despite often being driven to wine at the end of the day

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Stopping at two


  1. This is amazing! As Helen Gandy says, I am so glad we are not alone! This is the perfect post to read over and over again and reassure oneself that MOTHERHOOD IS HARD AND IMPERFECT BUT BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL and everything we’d hoped it would be and so much more! 🙂 🙂 Great post!!!

  2. Love it! I can relate to, erm, all of those!! At least I’m not the only one 😀 Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

  3. Fab list, and I was nodding away to all of these. I like that motherhood is a good excuse for a glass of wine at the end of the day (she says sipping on a glass of rose). Thanks for joining in with #SundayStars

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