I’m getting behind Oxfam’s Dressed By The Kids Day. Will you?


There’s nothing like a bit of excitement, and excitement is the word of the day over at Real Deal HQ as I positively burst with oodles of the E word and reveal that I am working with Oxfam as an ambassador to promote this year’s Dressed By The Kids Day!

Taking place on 29 April 2016, Oxfam’s Dressed by the Kids Day dares the nation to put the children in charge of their wardrobe. Mums, dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents are encouraged to get dressed by their kids in exchange for sponsorship and a double dose of fun and silliness.

I’m wondering quite how ridiculous my little tyke can make me on the day. As ridiculous as this person here perhaps?


photo credit: Looking to me?? via photopin (license)

It’s a possibility.

Or maybe I’ll be treated with kindness and just end up more like I’m about to do a bit of yodelling like this….


photo credit: Sac Anime Girls via photopin (license)

Getting behind the campaign are a host of awesome celebrities including Amanda Holden, DJ and presenter Sara Cox and good old Jason Donovan alongside their kids and many others. I’m pretty sure I won’t be looking as cool as this though!


Photo credit: Rankin 

But as fun as this all sounds, the undertones of this event are very serious indeed – it’s all about supporting Oxfam’s work by raising money and awareness for those living in poverty.

Extreme poverty across the world has been halved in just 15 years. It’s an uphill struggle, but Oxfam believes it could be eradicated in a further 15 years time. And I’m right there with them, and so should you be.

It’s only fair if I’m going to look like an utter nonse for the day that you, as my loyal readers, should get behind this and get your kids to dress you too. And sponsor me here while you’re at it.

So go on, let your little ones loose on your wardrobe, have a good laugh at your own expense because it’s all for a good cause, you know! Get stuck in and sign up on Oxfam’s website here.

Expect to hear more from me in the run up to #dressedbythekidsday, including a look back at some of my fashion disasters for your own entertainment, and a no-holds bar showcase of the ridiculous state I will probably look on the day!

***GROVEL: Please please sponsor me in my efforts to look like a total nonse for the day by giving any amount you can and and helping to wipe out poverty via my Just Giving page here.***

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