8 amazing reasons why science matters for kids

science matters for kids

The vast majority of parents have the absolute best intentions for their children, but in a world that provides a constant stream of advice, feedback and misinformation, ensuring that the best possible decisions are being made is difficult. But one decision which is undoubtedly good for children’s future is an investment in science because in my view – science matters for kids.

That’s right, the importance of early childhood science is one you need to sit up and pay attention to! Along with maths and English, science is a cornerstone subject, but it also helps with children’s development, as well as being an important subject.

Science matters for kids & learning through play

Children love to learn new things, and not only do they love to learn, they are experts at it. Children learn by playing, observing, doing, testing ideas and pushing boundaries.

And one of the ways that parents can help their child to develop and unleash their potential is simply by allowing them to play and discover things for themselves, even at a young age this curiosity is the starting point of scientific thinking.

This is a practice that should be encouraged, nurtured and built upon. Science is not only a great subject because of the things that can eventually be done with it, but because of the life skills that it also teaches along the way.

Skills learnt from science

So what are the life skills that science can teach? Check out the following infographic to read about just eight of them and why science matters for kids…

science matters for kids

Do you agree that science matters for kids? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in a comment below.

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  1. Our Leo is 4 years old and I’m convinced he’s going to be either an astrologer or a scientist. He constantly tells me about different planets and why there probably isn’t any life on them. Today, walking home from school, we were kicking through the fallen leaves and I said that it was a bit sad to see them all on the ground. He told me not to be sad because the tree had to lose it’s leaves so that it could save it’s energy over the winter and that in spring it would start to grow new leaves again! I honestly don’t know how he learns these things but it’s fantastic to know that science is alive and well in the brain of a 4 year old!

  2. My son and I when we get bored and can’t leave the house, we make non newtonian liquid… it goes everywhere but totally worth it!!!

  3. Love doing science experiments with my children, floating liquids was the last one we did with oil and water and food dye

  4. My little boy loves science 🙂 We do little experiments that we find off YouTube and he loves it!

  5. I think science is very important, and although it is a big subject in schools, Maths & English seem to be concentrated on more. My daughter seems to love learning about science.

  6. My son loves all the science expetiment kits you can get and he’s convinced he’s going to be a mad scientist when he’s older lol.

  7. My little boy loves science he keeps telling me about the rocket they made at school and sent to space and says he can’t wait til he’s bigger so he can go as well

  8. Yes, Science is Important for us all :- Irrespective of age. Life Long Learning. There is such variety within science. It can be a truly fascinating topic / subject. Children can be interested from an early stage :- By what is around them Day and Night, Nature, etc. Biology another topic. Planets, Astronauts, etc :- The children are so keen to learn about all these aspects.

  9. Learning science can be fun and exciting and it is even more important in today’s confused world!

  10. I live toys that spark that enquiring mind little children. The have such a wonderful natural love of science!

  11. Started the youngest on very basic and fun science experiments such as adding one liquid ingredient to another in jars to change colour or froth of the liquids. It is never too early to start!

  12. my foster son is just starting to get interested in how magnets work, and why water turns into steam etc

  13. We have always enjoyed doing science kits together, My two children both love trying things out and seeing what happens if they mix things together.c

  14. My girls love science and always complain that there’s not enough of it at school. We bought them a science kit last Christmas which they love and as far as they are concerned, there’s no better day out than taking them to the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

  15. We LOVE SCIENCE – it is just so much fun and there are great experimental ideas on social media too

  16. My granddaughter wants to be an astronaut and knows the names of all the planets and their positions in the solar system.

  17. We have a telescope to look at the stars, during lockdown we had our own space week where we learned about the solar system. My kids also love to experiment making volcanoes with bicarb and vinegar!

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