Inside the Head of a Toddler: The “No No No” Rap

That pesky toddler with an attitude is back for the latest edition of Inside The Head of a Toddler, and this time they mean business. They’re exerting their authority, they’re flexing their muscle, they’re owning their power with a capital P and they’re doing it with a big PHAT ‘no!!!’ in this special toddler rap created just for you long suffering parent homies whose toddlers say no to everything!

And what better to illustrate the rap than the hilarious cartoons by the Mama over at My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows? Yup, nothing really so that’s why I’ve asked her to collaborate with me on this! So are you channeling your inner Vanilla Ice? Good, then let’s do this!


No means yes and no means no

How can you say that you don’t know?

What it is that I want or what I mean

Listen up mamma, I’m a bad ass toddler fighting machine!

No No rap 1

Ask me once, then ask me twice

You bet I’ll give you a different answer each toddler time

Because my way is the highway hot diggity damn

Coz I’m the one with the master plan

talya 3-page-001

Finger lickin’ chicken’ it’s a no no no

Even though I’m then stuffing it in my mouth hole

A kiss and a cuddle? Hell no no no

The potty or the stroller?

A, B, C it’s a no!

Even if I like it, it’s a big fat NO

Come on get with the programme

Get on board with the NO show

talya 2-page-001 (1)

There’s only two letters in the alphabet I need to know

Take it to the bridge because

N.O. spells NO!



With huge thanks to the awesome Mama at My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows for bringing her cartoons to the party to bring this edition alive. Get some more funnies from her over at her blog here and follow her on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. Our baby said his first meaningful word today (snack in Thai). I really really really hope it’s a while until he learns ‘no’,

  2. This was an awesome collaboration. I hate to tell you, there is a bit of a break for parents in-between toddler-hood and adolescents, enjoy it. The word NO makes a comeback, big time, and one day they love a certain food, and the next time you serve it they won’t eat it! LOL! Good luck!

  3. Ha so funny. Especially the get a different answer each time bit. Noah changes his mind about what he’s having for lunch about 100 times a day! Xx

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