Inside The Head of a Toddler: An A-Z of me!

Toddlers are all about the me, me, me; so what better use of this, the next instalment of the Inside The Head of a Toddler series than to dedicate it to a spin off of the recent A-Z challenge which many of you reading this will have done for yourselves. Take it away toddler..!

A is for ASSHOLE

Sometimes I am a complete asshole, and I will ruin you day. Yup, sorry about that.

B is for BOGIES

Mmmmm one of my favourite snacks. Just love ‘em – don’t you?

C is for CAR SEAT

My numero uno pet hate. Just looking at one makes me want to scream.

D is for DOGGIES

We have a love hate relationship. I love to admire them from far but then if they get too close, they kinda creep me out.

E is for EATING

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I like to keep the olds guessing.

F is for FARTING

Ooooh I just love to let rip. Sooooo satisfying.

G is for GO GO GO

The state in which I spend most of my waking hours.

H is for HOME

I bloody hate being stuck in it, I do.


My tiny underdeveloped brain means that I am often found acting like an utter one.

J is for JUMPING

I just love to jump anywhere and everywhere especially that lovely big muddy puddle that is out of bounds.

K is for KICKING

My next favourite action, especially when coupled with some good old screaming.

L for LOVE

Even though I am a bit of brat, I am also known to be rather adept at dishing out quite a bit of this too – a cunning plan to get away with all the shit I dish out.


I just love this word. The way it rolls of the tongue, especially when bellowed across the room at high volume.


My absolute favourite show. I look forward to each episode with extreme trepidation. I just really don’t know what they are going to pull out of the bag each time! Such great script writers.


My most recent and favourite phrase of the moment. So fitting for life as a toddler don’t you think?


Some people take pleasure in chocolate, others a nice glass of wine – my favourite guilty pleasure is to do a big fat poo in a nice clean nappy (fuck the potty). Some things never change.


That’s how quickly I can be doing something I shouldn’t when your back is turned. It’s quite a skill, yes?


I have a deep-seated fear of them. In fact I think every shadow is a robot which is just down right scary and quite inconvenient.


Sleep is for pussies.


It could very well be my middle name. I just love a bit of being tricksy, especially at crucial moments and meal times.

U for UGLY

When I cry, boy do I look ugly, even if I do say so myself.


I have a bit of vendetta out for all those old grannies who keep smiling at me at the bus stop. Who do they think they are anyway? Don’t they know how scary they look?


Waving here, waving there, I love waving everywhere! A bit camp I know, but people just love it.


My instrument of choice. Have you heard me play? You should really come over and let me serenade you one time.

Y for YES

Probably my least favourite word in the world. Who needs to say yes when you can say no?

Z for ZOO

I probably would have been better suited to life in one.

What else would you have added under any of the letters? Think this could be quite a fun game to play!
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  1. Haha! Fantastic. I really need to get over my kid-eating-bogie phobia. I’d rather deal with a multi-layer poonami than see that *shudder*

  2. Love it!! All soooo true!!! Especially M for ‘Mummmmmmmyyyy’ I am hearing this a million times a day at the moment!!! Arrrrrrr!!!!! xxx

  3. Pah haha! This is so funny. A for story time, I need books read over and over and over again! I for iPad, the number one thing I’ll do just about anything for! …great idea! #thelist

  4. Haha so funny…Your comment about S is for sleep has really tickled me. This a-z describes my toddler perfectly!xx #TheList

  5. Ha ha this is brilliant! I am glad it isn’t just my child that is bonkers! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  6. Ha!! You had me at ‘A is for Asshole!’. A sure way to grab my attention.
    I am surrounded by assholes here. And sleep is for pussy’s. Man I wish I was a pussy!! I’m knackered.
    Cracking post! x

    • Totally hate it although when my little one seemed to be losing interest the other day I had a strange sense of fear creeping up on me…what has it done to us??! So delighted this has been chosen as one of the star posts for the week! 😀 x

  7. hahaha love it!! S is obsessed with eating his bogey, telling me about it and then going on to tell me it’s disgusting! He is also obsessed with “robots”…he talks about them in a serious, deeper, hushed tone…go figure?! #sundaystars

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