Introducing my Blog Fest 2016 sponsor Calypso Sun

blogfest 2016

There are lots of good things about November – slurping on hot chocolate, wrapping up in woolies, fireworks and brisk winter walks amongst crunchy leaves but my highlight? THIS YEAR’S BLOG FEST of course!

Yes, this year I will be attending Mumsnet’s celebration of sharp writing and big ideas for the first time thanks to my fantastic sponsors Calypso Sun.


As the sun weakens over here, any thoughts of using sunscreen on a daily basis may be fading but huzzah! as we are now getting ever closer to the winter sports season – skiing – hurrah! snowboarding – woohoo! it’s time to think about protecting our skin amidst all that exhilarating winter sport action

Yes, unfortunately snow bunnies are at increased risk for overexposure to the sun’s UV rays thanks to the combination of higher altitude and UV rays reflected by the snow meaning that a wipe-out shouldn’t be your only concern on the mountains.

Thankfully, Calypso Sun is a very fine choice when it comes to protecting your skin and that of your whole family…more on that in my vlog review here:

But don’t just take my word for it – 91%* of consumers would choose Calypso Sun Once A Day over market competitors and 96%* of consumers felt this product provides effective UVA/UVB protection against the sun.

And when you’re on the slopes, Calypso Sun Once A Day does the hard work for you while you bomb down (or bail) on that trail all day without having to reapply it – making it a great choice for all the family.

So that’s all from me now but do stay tuned because I’ll be following up with a vlog over on my You Tube channel after the conference to share with you all the nuggets of wisdom I will have gleaned!

In the meantime, thank you to Calpyso Sun – you guys rock!



  1. I really want to go to Blogfest. We didn’t think we’d be back from holiday in time and we are. I definitely am going to look into a last minute ticket. Your sponsor is fab! We only use Calypso sun and even took it on holiday with us. x

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