Is a playroom a good idea?

Due to the current and ongoing Covid-19 situation, we’ve been confined to our own homes for weeks now. The entire family trying their best to survive in perfect harmony together. We’ve found ourselves in close proximity to each other for hours on end. We have tested our relationships to the very brink. Every sense is heightened. Tensions are high and our patience has been quarantined for the foreseeable future. You may at this point be starting to wonder whether a playroom is a good idea?

Let’s get practical

We all need our own space to do our own thing. One thing is for certain. Children get bigger. They grow really fast and they have an obscene amount of ‘stuff’ that manages to infiltrate the tiniest nook and cranny. Even that little box you may have used to stash old nail varnishes. Gone. It now contains Lego. No place is sacred. It is time, people, to claim back your sanity, your sanctuary and get organised

Toy storage solutions

Wooden apple crates look great and can be picked up fairly cheaply as a toy storage solution. At the end of each play you could involve the whole family in the clear up, putting everything back into its rightful place. Think about which toys are used the most, find the storage solution that works best, so these toys can be found first and put away last.

Then think about the toys you can put on rotation. Those poor, forgotten bought-by-the-aunt kinda toys. The look on their little faces when they think they have something new but it’s circa 2015 and never been touched. 

Relish having a big clear out. There are so many offerings outside people’s houses right now. Everyone’s at it. ‘Take me for free!’ the signs beg. 

Thinking bigger – is a playroom a good idea?

But that’s not enough. We have our special boxes, our storage solutions and our toy clearing away schedule. What if we thought bigger. What about a ‘grown ups only’ zone. You could have a checkpoint. Issue very clear guidelines. If a toy comes past this point, it shall be taken away until tomorrow. You could be left with your very own area of tranquillity. (one can dream right?) 

During lockdown, our homes have never felt so small. Every corner must be utilised. That includes the space between your ceiling and your roof. Pull down that ladder and get up into your loft. Have you considered your attic conversion cost? Since there’s no hope of an exotic getaway this summer, perhaps have a think about this savvy space saving genius instead. 

It could become your very own panic room to enjoy gin and chocolate in peace, away from the madness that is our cherished and appreciated yet very chaotic life. The reality is, you could transform it into a wonderful space for the children to play with all their worldly, cherished goods – a playroom – stored comfortably above your heads

Everyone should be entitled to their own space to play. I hope you find yours. Let me know how you make your home work for the whole family and whether you’ve been thinking or dreaming of a playroom.

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