Is it time for parents to join the Tantrum Club too?

Tantrum club, toddler tantrums

So here’s a thing – did you know that there ACTUALLY exists a thing called a Tantrum Club. Yes, really, a Tantrum Club (see here). It’s a club where professional women (hmm why not men, I wonder?) can get together and basically have an adult version of a toddler tantrum, get rid of all their negative emotions, complete with a baseball bat and feel all lovely and happy afterwards as a result!

Lordy lordy, who would have thought that our darling toddlers’ favourite activity could actually have a whole club based around it?! Actually, I think it sounds like a rather superb idea, and I thought perhaps we should set up a spin off a Parent Tantrum Club where all we parents could go off and have a full blown tantrum with other parents, to release all the negative energy our nit wit toddlers had passed onto us earlier in the day through their very own tantrums.

We could start a whole other series of spin off clubs, inspired by toddlers too! How about the Nose Picking Club? or Bum Picking Club? or I Refuse to Eat Club? or I am Going to Do Everything to Annoy You Club or perhaps even a club where we could go around and inflict injuries willy nilly just like toddlers do – oh no wait a minute, that probably wouldn’t be so lovely now would it.

Hmmm…ok perhaps we should just stick to the Parent Tantrum Club then?

It seems that having a tantrum is significantly more beneficial when you are on the executing, rather than receiving side, with benefits reported to be:

Feeling at peace
Self Expressed
A release
Feeling happier and stress free
Lost weight!
Feeling more at peace
Noticing much less arguments at home
Feeling less moody
Feeling less down and depressed
People say I “look younger”

Yeah, no ****!

Shame that when you are on the receiving end these benefits are 100% flipped on their heads then!

So who’ll join me? Any recruits out there?

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  1. I regularly have parent tantrums including a spectacular one in front of my kids on Saturday (which wasn’t even deserved because they’re so frickin well-behaved) just as Hubster walked through the door…complete with TEARS.
    I think you may be on to something by the way x

  2. I admit to the occasional tantrum, the latest being throwing an expressing bottle and syringe across the room in hospital as I had no milk. Mr J called me a child and I soon laughed! #coolmumclub

  3. Ha ha – i’m in – tell me when and where and i’ll pitch up with wine and cake! and you’ll laugh as my post today is a total and utter strop! what a brilliant concept though?!

  4. Oh I am in! I admit it – I am partial to the odd tantrum! I blame being the youngest of three siblings and a bit spoilt!! Ha ha this is so funny I love the idea and having a little hissy fit now and then is oddly satisfying 😉 xx #coolmumclub

  5. Haha, can I join? Definitely feel like I need to throw a massive tantrum some days, especially if my actual toddler had been having them all day!xx #coolmumclub

  6. Sounds like a great idea! My wee one has only just started to throw tantrums when I take away something that she wants to play with, and I know it’s only going to get worse as she enters her toddler years. Yikes! #coolmumclub

  7. After the week I’m having, I’ll definitely be joining you. Already looking forward to throwing a few things against the wall, having a scream and a bit of a cry. Hopefully I’ll feel on top of things again after that! Definitely sounds like a good idea. Thanks for hosting #CoolMumClub

  8. THIS. SOUNDS. EPIC! Do you think we could hire supermarkets and soft play areas to give it an authentic feel? On entry to the tantrum club all adults will be supplied with a Tommy tippee and a plastic plate of food to throw around as they desire… Ok maybe I like the sound of this too much haha!

  9. The benefits make it sound a pretty good deal? Normally after a parent tantrum all I feel is drained and a failed parent 😉 Must not be doing it quite right ha ha…
    If you do start the club, don’t go forgetting us all at #coolmumclub 😉

  10. Gosh my son throws the mother of all tantrums all day everyday and sometimes it gets so much that I end up just shouting and crying and having a bit of a tantrum myself. This obviously really doesn’t help the issue so I could really do with a club like that to get all my frustrations out. What a fantastic idea. It gets my vote!


  11. I don’t need a club to throw an adult tantrum. I can footstamp like a pro. Sometimes if properly prepared I can lie on the floor pounding my fists and wailing about not liking potato. It’s very cathartic, just don’t do it in Tesco. #coolmumclub

  12. I quite like the idea of a Parent Tantrum Club – sounds like a good way of getting stress out of the system. I have a sneaking suspicion though that my husband might say that I’m already quite good at throwing the odd tantrum here and there though…! #coolmumclub

  13. I might just have been known to throw the odd ‘almighty wobbler’ in the kitchen. I am mostly placated by cake (very similar to my tots)..

    Sign me up lovely! No special handshake required…. just poke a piece of lego up each other’s nose and we’re good to go! :0) x


  14. Count me in! My toddler has just discovered his tantrum switch and I have had moments when I do exactly what he’s doing to get him to stop (not in public may I add!) he usually stops and looks at me like “this b**ch is crazy” and I usually feel a little bit better after. So maybe your club will be a slightly more mature way of dealing with my tantrums :o) #coolmumclub

  15. If there’s any losing weight, I am so going to join and ALSO be President of this club. Going to do that right now. Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

  16. Been there a few times and walked out. Only human after all and sometimes it is better to get it out of the system X #coolmumclub

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