Keeping the mum peace with a vintage ring

vintage ring

I have to admit…it’s been a bit of shocker around here of late. Mr C very cleverly almost electrocuted himself by deciding to drill right above the fuse box and taking down all our electrics with it (ahhhh yes, what a clever man I have!). The prelude to that was a leaking bath pipe down into our kitchen ceiling, all of which culminated in yet another round of snot and tummy bugs. God help me we have had our fair share of family stress of late.

And sometimes when life is as sucky as that, there’s only one thing that will make a mum feel better. Some bling.

Quite frankly, I would forgive anything right now if someone (namely Mr C) turned up on our doorstep in the throws of me bodging a family dinner together with a vintage ring. If ever I became a bajillionaire I would have a whole chest of the god damn things!

So just humour me for a minute while I indulge my wild imagination that to make the pains of the last two weeks feel better one of the following might be presented to me (in airy fairy la la land).

vintage rings

I mean, I would really be happy for any of these because hey! what are the chances anyone is going to have one of these…nope! none of those moments when you realise you are wearing the same Pandora ring (gah!) or worse still one from H Samuel (sob!).

For one of these, all the calamities of recent family life would just fall out of my melted mum brain through my ear and land in a box never to be opened again.

Perhaps worth it for a bit of peace and quiet and to rectify your massive abyss of brownie points round here Mr C what do you think? And so perhaps time to take a look at Berganza to scout out the perfect vintage peace keeping ring then….

So…..could a gorgeous vintage ring bribe you to forget the ups and downs and stresses of family life? I’m thinking….yes!

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