KidSmart educational app: Improve your child’s skills with just 20 minutes a day

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When it comes to learning, getting your child into a structured routine is going to make all the difference. But with their short attention spans, a routine can be very hard to develop. So what can you do? Well, did you know that sitting down and focusing for short periods of time every day is scientifically proven to be more effective than doing inconsistent longer sessions? Yes, consistency is key! But how do you keep your child interested? Let me introduce you to the educational app KidSmart.

What is KidSmart?

KidSmart is an educational iPad app for kids ages 4 – 11 that helps them learn in a fun and interesting way. Now your question is, “How is it effective?”, “How is it fun?”, “How is it interesting?”

Well, keep on reading!

Reward Your Child With Real Gifts

Nothing motivates a child more than rewards. These rewards may be in the form of stickers, toys, gadgets, food, and even special days out. One of the things that make KidSmart great is that you can add these rewards into the app and set a target of when your kid gets their gift. Seeing what’s waiting for them periodically helps to keep them focused and motivated by setting a monthly target and prize.

educational app

Levels of Difficulty

KidSmart believes that 11+ preparation is not about being able to solve complex problems but about being able to apply critical thinking to any types of problems.

educational app

You can moderate the difficulty level anytime you want. So if your child gets stuck at a level, you can always go back a level.

You Get More Control

Aside from having control over the levels of difficulty, you can also track their daily activities, their progress for each topic, and strength review. Strength review allows you to monitor your child’s progress with regards to speed, accuracy, concentration, etc. This way, you can customise their learning plan.

If Your Child Needs Help


One of the goals of this app is to promote self-learning. That’s why this educational app provides in-app explanations and answers, an Oxford Dictionary tool, and videos!


Should your child need an expert’s help from time to time, they have on-demand help via in-app messages and calls and on-demand help by KidsSmart local tutors.

How great is that?!

KidSmart also puts the science of gamification into learning with:

  • Feel good factor – games trigger the release of dopamine which is a feel-good hormone.
  • Increased speed – it promotes quick decision making which has long-term effects for even subjects like maths.
  • Improved accuracy – repeatedly playing games improve the accuracy of the played content. That’s why this is used to improve the accuracy of solving maths problems and correctly spelling words.

The best thing?

KidSmart offers a 14-day free trial, so get in there and kick start your child’s learning habits with the KidSmart educational app.


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  1. I love that it promotes self-learning, as this is so important. My eldest daughter starts school this year, so this is the type of app I am starting to look into 🙂

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