KidzInMind: A safe digital playground filled with fun and educational apps

apps for preschoolers

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If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my parenting journey so far, it’s that there is no point resisting the digital world that we live in when it comes to our children – more that, we should embrace it as a learning tool and help guide them correctly on that path. But with that, of course, comes a worry about how their online environment stays safe and age appropriate.

It was therefore with interest that I learn about the KidzInMind app – an app developed by parents for parents featuring a carefully curated selection of apps for preschool kids aged 2-6 years old that are safe, secure, educational and free from advertising or hidden payments.

apps for preschoolers

There’s also some handy parental control features as well that offers assurances for mum and dad when it comes to what their child can use the device for, how long they can play each game for and lots more.

The brilliant thing about this app is that it comes with over £50 worth of educational games and apps that can be played by children on smartphones and tablets. Each app is evaluated fully before it is featured, ensuring its content is educational, meaning that sproglets can have fun and learn at the same time.

apps for preschoolers

What I really love about the app is the extensive range of apps and games included in the app catalogue, which means you can essentially curate and mould your child’s online learning and experience by what learning points and values you might what them to explore in particular. With so many individual apps out there on the market, it can sometimes be a bit baffling to navigate the vast range and pick out ones that are truly beneficial to your child’s learning, but the big plus here is that KidzInMind takes the haphazard, chance element that often comes with downloading apps for children out of the equation, by having filtered them already for you.

Every app is there for a reason and has a particular purpose – for example, there are apps which teach them about nutrition, and brushing your teeth properly.

apps for preschoolers

And then there are also apps which focus more on language and writing skills, visual perception and cognitive and fine motor skills.  Some of our favourites included the memory, puzzle, spot the difference, and sorting games – all things my little one enjoys doing in every day life which are conveniently encompassed in apps within KidzInMind which are perfect for when their minds need to be engaged whilst you’re on the go.


The app been awarded the Best Mobile App for Children and Toddlers in 2014  and also the Mom’s Choice Award and it’s easy to see why. It takes the guilt over mindless screen-time firmly out of the equation, ensuring that every online interaction within the app is an educational experience for your little one on their path of learning.

***KidzInMind is available to download on Android from the App Store. The app is subscription-based and after the first week, which is free, KidzInMind is priced a 79p per month for limited in-built apps and features. Parents can pay £2.99 per month for unlimited access to the full app, video and game catalogue and all the parental safety controls.***

For more information about KidzInMind please visit The KidzInMind blog, like their Facebook page and connect on Twitter

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with KidzInMind. All opinions are my own. 


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