Klout score – What is it and why is it important?


What is Klout and how do I use it

Just when you thought you had got to grips with Stumble Upon and SEO, now comes another bamboozling phenomenon to box your blogger brain further – Klout.

You may have seen on Twitter this and that blogger giving each other a +K on parenting, birth, blogging, crafting, cakes (the list goes on), and wondered with vague befuddlement what exactly that could mean, feeling perhaps something a bit like this…

Well, it doesn’t mean that they are part of a secret cult called Klout (arguably), but moreover, that they are part of a platform which analyses and ranks your social influence.

So what exactly is Klout?

According to the good folks at Klout…

Klout helps you create and share content that your audience will love and increase your social impact. Klout intelligently recommends content that will strike a chord with your unique set of friends, fans, and followers. In addition to suggesting relevant articles your network hasn’t seen, it offers content creation and scheduling tools that help you start the right conversation at the right time. You can then use your Klout Score to track the impact of this content: your score goes up whenever you share content that resonates with your audience.

Klout then enables people to measure their impact with the Klout Score, a measure of a person’s online influence. 

But it is this last part that those in the know are obsessed with.

So what is the Klout score about?

The Klout Score measures a person’s overall online influence on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the most influential. Klout analyzes multiple social networks you belong to, and how much “Klout” other people have give you, to come up with the score.

The average Klout Score is 40, so users with a score of above 63 are in the top 5% of all users. Pat on the back if that’s you, if not, don’t despair…more on how you can change that in a while.

And why should you care?

The Klout score feeds in to some of the major parent blogging rankings – for example the Tots 100 ranking and the Parent Blogger Leaderboard (amongst other things). So essentially, if you are looking to be an “online influencer” in any way shape or form, some would argue that factoring in your Klout score and its effect on your blogger rankings and therefore your visibility to brands, PRs and so forth is an essential part of that.

How to improve your Klout score

I’m not going to re-invent the wheel here – You Baby Me Mummy, my blogging hero, has a fab post entitled How To Make Your Klout Score soar which you can read here.

The only one thing I would add to her already wise words is that if you want to fast track your Klout score there are threads on blogger Facebook groups like Blogger Club UK which  you can join in on.

Is Klout a mystery to you? Have you dabbled in Klout? Are you thinking of upping your Klout game? Do leave a comment and share where you are on the Klout spectrum, and also if you are a seasoned Klouter, please do chime in with any tips you have for newbies!

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  1. Hi hun, fab post, it seems a mystery to so many. Thanks for linking to my post and for your kind words 😉 xx

  2. I must admit, even though I’ve been joining in the klout FB thread for some time now, it still is a bit of a mystery to me. One thing is certain though, when I went offline due to our house move, my klout score of course came down. But strangely, my DA went up? I have no idea why!

  3. We know nothing about Klout, it was banded around BlogCamp but we’ve yet to get our heads around it. We’ll be reading the links you’ve shared. thanks for the help!

  4. It’s my first time hearing about Klout. I’m going to bookmark your post and refer back to it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Thanks for sharing this info about Klout! I checked mine the other day and it was 61 I think but since I cannot figure out yet how did that happen I just assume that was just a sunny day for me I suppose! LOL xx

  6. Klout only measures the past 90 days, so is a more short-term measure than DA (I think, DA is more of a mystery to me than Klout!). Mine is 60. One way to get a quick bump up is to make sure all possible networks are linked to it (and refreshed if necessary) and post regularly to all of them.

  7. Thank you – I thought I understood Klout a few months ago but now I have had too many sleepless nights to be able to remember properly. Thanks for putting me back on track! (Also, thanks to Tim as his post is great and to Vicki of Honest Mum as she was really helpful when I hadn’t got a clue). Aren’t we lucky we’re all so supportive!! 🙂 #coolmumclub

  8. Oh no, another thing for me to get my head around. I can’t think of Klout without thinking of Covonia- Cough Medicine With Clout! #coolmumclub

  9. Even reading the comments on this post it does seem there is a little confusion about Klout. I’m probably with that wave although saying that, I’m still trying to figure out other social media so it’s down my list! Will refer to this in future definitely! Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

  10. what the hell?! I don’t know any of this bleeding stuff.. its a mine field that Im not ready to get to grips with yet lol … I am so rubbish at tech stuff! ugh! – thanks for the heads up though 😉 #coolmumclub

  11. Argh Klout! It seems that the things we have to do to be “influencers” are proliferating far more quickly than I can ever keep up with. On a lighter note, Klout thinks I am an expert on the Dalai Lama, so not sure how accurate it is! #coolmumclub

  12. Klout was a mystery to me too at first – and I thought the same thing about the +k tweets – wondering what are these things?! lol Great post Talya it will help a lot of bloggers. #coolmumclub

  13. I sort of feel like an alien right now because I’ve never heard of Klout until your post. I’m rather fascinated with it after reading this so I think I’ll check it out! #coolmumclub

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  14. Every time I think I have made my list of things ‘to learn’ and ‘to do’ I read another post on things I need ‘to learn’ and ‘to do’ . My lists are now very long indeed! Thank you for sharing these things! It is really interesting that you say about FB, as although I use it all the time personally I use it very infrequently for my blog, being based more on twitter. I shall have to get on that immediately! thank you for the tip! #coolmumclub

  15. Good to meet you the other day Talya. Hope you enjoyed #BML and thanks for co-hosting #CoolMumCLub. Klout is a funny one. Seems to divide opinion with those who think it’s important and those who don’t. I simply can’t decide!

  16. Oh god I haven’t even got to grips with StumbleUpon or SEO and I had never even heard of Klout! This just reinforces my opinon that my blog will never be any more than a lovely hobby and record of memories as my children grow. I don’t have the brain capacity to digest any of it, perhaps when the children start school!! Good luck! #coolmumclub

  17. Thank you Talya for this – one of those things I see thrown around on twitter and although I kind of know what Klout is I didn’t know what it really was used for – guess I should have done! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Aby and also the fb group – off to have a read and a nosey #coolmumclub

  18. Ah jeez I can barely remember to add my posts on pinterest!! I kind of get it but to be honest I’m happy with a linky and a glass of red for now #coolmumclub

  19. thanks for sharing this 🙂 I get klout but I never find the right people to…well…klout! does that make sense?! how do I find all you lovely ladies and lads?! #coolmumclub

  20. Thanks for shedding a little light…guess I can be proud of my score of 61 as I’m not even on facebook! Hurrah!
    I do struggle however with the giving a K+….have logged on and sniffed around the site SEVERAL times and still can’t work out where that part lives?! #clueless!

    Thanks for sharing with the #coolmumclub gang co-hostess of wonder…

  21. Thank goodness I’ve come across your post on Klout-ing!! Cheers Talya. I read about it the other day and need to get my head around it. Another thing on the blog management to-do list. Will be checking out the links to other bloggers’ articles too. I’m sure Richard Leake from Affilinet mentioned you need a Klout score of at least 10 to be taken seriously by some brands (did I hear that wrong at the Up Your Game talk at #BML16??!)
    Fingers crossed over time we can grow our Klout ratings then…catch up again soon. x

  22. I have vaguely heard of Klout before but never understood but this is a fab post to understand a bit more about it – I shall have a proper look into it. Another thing to add to my “how to grow and improve my blog” list #coolmumclub

  23. I have never heard of Klout, so, thank you for bringing this to my attention! A very informative post!! xxx #coolmumclub

  24. I downloaded it a few days ago and it just kept telling me to share “articles” with my readers. I couldn’t work it out lol! I came up with a score of 44 (I think!) it was no more than that though haha! I will be clicking though to the links you left! Thanks for sharing.

  25. My klout score has been at a steady 63 for months now – I’ve decided that I’m happy with that! Most of mine is made up from Instagram which I post to regularly – previous to that it was mostly influenced by my Facebook interactions which go up and down each week as it’s the platform I least focus on. I have no idea what the +K is though! #coolmumclub xx

  26. Oh god something else to stress about….No seriously, it’s too soon for me, posting and twitter is where it is at right now but I have added this to my “must investigate for a future date list”. Thanks for explaining, one day I will catch up. #coolmumclub

  27. Fab post – I only recently found out what Klout is after weeks of seeing people tweeting about K+’ing people..I thought it was some magical club I needed to find the key to. Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub – it’s great to join for the first time yay and so great to meet you at BML xx

  28. I have klout – my score recently jumped from 56 to 62 but I have no idea how I did that. I don’t really understand how you give or receive a +k either. I’ve just signed up to stumble via the app and Honestly struggling to get my head around that too! I seem to have a username I didn’t choose: definitely need to spend some time looking into it all a bit more! #coolmumclub

  29. Another thing on my list to get to. Although as I’m not even self -hosted (on the list!) yet, I don’t think I can see my Klout score? This is useful to know, but I think I’ll worry about it later! Thanks for hosting #CoolMumClub x

  30. Thanks for mentioning the Parent Blogger Club!

    I see Klout, Tots100 and the PBC as personal analytics tools.

    Many bloggers recognise the need to track their web analytics to increase visits and readership, using tools like Google Analytics on their blog. These are additional tools that help bloggers check their social analytics to improve their social media presence on the main social networks.

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