If you could move anywhere in the world….

if you could move anywhere in the world

The weather in the UK has been shocking of late and in typical true British summer fashion we have been wondering where the sun has gone and quite possibly dreaming of living abroad.

As someone who has both lived and worked abroad before, both in Singapore and then a short stint in Australia, I would never say never when it comes to dreams of potentially starting another life chapter in another country.

Having ticked the Asia box already, where would I dream of relocating to?

It’s a big ask, but hands down every time the answer would be….I would relocate to Australia.

I was very lucky to live and work in Australia for three months in my younger years and have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life. For sure, it is a longgggg way away but you just can’t compete on the lifestyle, especially if you are lucky enough to be residing in Sydney, which I was at the time.

Truth be told I sometimes find myself salivating over houses for sale in Sydney, and dreaming…

Any why not? Who wouldn’t dream about living in a place where the commute to work rarely sees a cloud in the sky…even on a winter morning. Where you finish for the work day with the sun shining on your face, not the drizzle plastering a grimace all over it? Where at the weekends, you nip over to the beach or chill by the pool?  Where kids run free outside without the seemingly endless limitations of bad weather?

Not that I don’t appreciate my fellow Brits but people are more chirpy, and life certainly feels all the more better for it. This is a country who has prided themselves on striking the ultimate work-life balance, and who wouldn’t want a piece of this laid back lifestyle pie? And happier people do seem to make for a happier place…it feels altogether more friendly, safer and open.

So maybe, one day myself and fine Sydney will lock paths again, but for now, a girl can dream at least….

Where do you dream of relocating to?

*This post is in collaboration with lendlease. All opinions are my own. 



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