How does the London Explorer Pass work?

London Explorer Pass

London is one of the world’s great cities. In fact, it is the most visited city in the world by measure of footfall every year. The city contains a wide range of historically and culturally important sites, there is far too much to see in just a day or two.

Fortunately, London has a public transport system that makes travelling around the city easy. The extensive tube network, the London Underground, is the oldest underground rail system in the world, and a variety of passes are available that allow travellers to save money on their fare. There are also frequent buses above ground and the city’s famous black cabs which make all of London easily accessible.

For those who really want to take in everything the city has to offer, or who want to save the money they would otherwise have to spend on transport, walking around the city is the best way to truly experience everything it has to offer. The London Explorer Pass means that you can explore the city with the certainty that you will be able to access some of its most sought after attractions.

London Explorer Pass

What Is the London Explorer Pass?

The London Explorer Pass grants the holder free entry to a number of different attractions dotted throughout the city. There are 20 attractions in total, including the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, and the London Bus Tour.

The pass can be purchased in one of three variants, one offering access to three attractions, the next for five, and the final version for seven. Each version of the pass comes with a complimentary map and contains information on the opening hours of the included attractions as well as directions between them. A tube map is included and, combined with the included map, should make getting around London nice and straightforward.

Value for Money

The Explorer Pass is an excellent choice for any visitors who are exploring on a budget. On the price of entry to the attractions themselves the Explorer Pass can save holders as much as 35% when compared to the price that would be paid at the gate.

There is now a complimentary smartphone app available for smartphones, which entitles the holder to a number of exclusive deals at restaurants, tours, and other entertainment options. The pass itself means that you don’t need to carry extra cash with you, taking advantage of the smartphone app means you can access everything the pass has to offer with only your smartphone.

The Explorer Pass gives you everything you need to plan your itinerary each day so that you can see as many sights as efficiently as possible. Most of the attractions you gain access to are open all year round with the exception of Christmas. Luckily, you get 30 days to use your pass and so if an attraction is unavailable when you visit, you can easily come back another time.

Biggest Savers

If you’re looking to maximise your savings with the London Pass Explorer then you should consider the following two attractions. These are the ones that would usually set you back the most and are some of the most unique experiences that London has to offer.

The London Dungeons is a renowned attraction in which visitors embark upon a theatrical tour through the grizzly history of London over the last thousand years.

The London Eye is a popular attraction, and the observation wheel offers unprecedented views of the London skyline. Like any major city, the landscape of London is constantly shifting and evolving meaning that every trip around the Eye is different from the last.

The London Explorer Pass is a fantastic way for visitors to London to save some money while guaranteeing themselves access to some of the city’s top attractions.

Are you planning a visit to London soon? Have you looked into the London Explorer Pass to save money? Do share in a comment below.

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