A love letter to my readers + a #giveaway!

love letter

Hey there my lovely readers,

This Valentine’s Day, I want to dedicate my blog to you!

Look, I know this sounds totally corny but you have filled up my heart over the last four years. You have filled up my heart with the knowledge that you’re reading what I write. You’ve filled up my heart with the times you’ve laughed at my posts, been informed by my posts, been moved by my posts, had your questions answers by my posts and for that I am so grateful.

I know I am terrible at replying to all your comments and for that please forgive me – you know only too well all my imperfections – and it doesn’t mean I love you any less. Just that there are not enough hours in the day in this constant mum juggle to look you in your virtual eyes and to tell you all the things I’d like to tell you…and only to you.love letter

You see – I’ve been blown away having you on this incredible journey as I try and decode this crazy world of motherhood and parenthood one blog post at a time. I’ve been blown away by the times I’ve said the things you were thinking but perhaps didn’t know what to say. And you are the reason I can hit that scary button to publish time and time again when sometimes – I’d rather crawl under a rock and hide.

And so all there is left to say is thank you for following me, reading me, trusting me and accepting me. Let’s keep the fire alive. Because I love you every day – not just Valentine’s Day!

To end this in the spirit of love, I’ve teamed up with Moonster in a lovely Valentine’s Day giveaway to win a beautiful leather Tree of Life Journal plus a Leather Portfolio.

Valentine's giveaway


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  1. Happy valentines day! A relationship is hard work but put the hard work in and its worth it. Its not about one day but every day.

  2. What a gorgeous post and I’m swooning one that journal as I’ve become OBSESSED with finding the perfect writing/diary companion for blogging! Have entered. Worth a gander!

  3. Perfect to write all the special times spent with my rapidly growing grandchildren, reminding myself how lucky I am to be a part of their lives & one day it will be a poignant reminder for them of our time spent together

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