Luxury Father’s Day gifts – gorgeous gifts he’ll love you for

Luxury Father's Day gifts

It’s that time of year again – when we want to honour that special man in our life. And whether you’re thinking about treating your own father or your significant other on behalf of your littles – one thing’s for sure, he deserves more than just another tie or pair of socks this Father’ Day. It’s true – most dads don’t really need anything, so it’s at these times a luxury Father’s Day gift might be just the ticket. If you think your big D deserves a bit of a splurge for being a great dad, then here’s a little luxury Father’s Day gifts inspiration for you all:

Georg Jenson cocktail shaker, £95


luxury father's day gifts 1Can we just take a moment to appreciate this fabulous looking SKY cocktail shaker from Georg Jenson? I am pretty sure James Bond would have total cocktail shaker envy over this. With its asymmetrical and ergonomic shapes you just know that this will not only look more like a sculpture than a shaker in the living room, but also sit so well in hand  too. This is where the cocktails of dreams will be created!

Normann Copenhagen bar trolley, £205

luxury father's day gifts 2

While we are on the subject of drinks, imagine how having his own bar trolley will make your daddy in residence feel like an absolute baller. This Scandi-style one from Normann Copenhagen is also super cool looking and hugely functional which means that you’ll be able to justify this as a gift to any dad (and reluctant partner!).

A Rolex from Chronoexpert, prices vary

Before you have a heart attack here – hear me out! Did you know you can buy a used Rolex watch with a far lower price tag from Chronoexpert which stocks used Rolex watches going back 100 years?  There are also some great bargains to be had with many newer watches available at a lower price than the retail value so if Mr D. has always hankered after a Rolex, this could be his time!

Amazon Echo Show, £200

luxury father's day gifts 4

If the daddy in your life is a tech lover and hasn’t yet treated himself to a smart speaker then this is definitely something worth spending on for him. The latest from Amazon – the Amazon Echo Show  – includes a 7 inch screen that shows extra information like an impressive visualisation of the weather and even lyrics which are in sync to to the song you’re playing – plus it means they’ll always have someone to boss around (read: not you!).

Dualit Coffee System, £200

luxury father's day gifts 6

Let’s face it – life is better with better coffee, and so if you can give Daddy that gift which he will be thanking for you every morning while he sips on his coffee, then it’s well worth the investment surely? Cue the groundbreaking Dualit Coffee System which will term him into an at-home barista, producing coffee shop quality lattes, cappuccinos and espressos!

Ralph Lauren robe, £219

luxury father's day gifts 5

Well you might have thought that Daddy’s are cuddly enough as it is – but you can make them ever more cuddly with this super cosy Langdon Shawl-Collar Bathrobe from Ralph Lauren! Made from luxe, super absorbent cotton, it has to be the refined choice for getting dressed or lounging at home for any man about the house.

Gavi Bottle Rack, £127

If your dad is a wine enthusiast then it’s time to get those bottles on show! Very design, this Gavi wine rack is also very practical. Crafted from iron material, in superb finishes, it would be the perfect addition to a kitchen as well as a lounge.

So what do you think? Time to spoil the men that have brought so much to our lives with a little bit of luxe? I think so! Which of these luxury Father’s Day gifts do you think would make the perfect Father’s Day present? Do leave a comment and share.

Oh and if you’re looking for more Father’s Day gift inspiration? Why not have a look at this Father’s Day gift guide too or this post for more Father’s Day gift ideas.

*This is a collaborative post 

Image credits: Cover picture:Designed by Freepik, Rolex image courtesy of Rolex 


  1. Is it wrong I saw that bar trolley and started thinking of all the uses I could use it for?? Like kids crafts, my crafts, moving my laptops around the house…lol. Great ideas.

  2. That coffee machine!! I think I’d probably end using that more than hubby though haha. Love the Rolex idea and that bar trolley looks so cool and handy. Great selection of gifts lovely xx

  3. There’s some lovely ideas there. My hubby is hankering after a coffee machine but won’t be getting one this Father’s Day as we’ve no space to put it. Maybe next year!

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