Stress free meal planning tips

meal planning tips

Let’s face it – meal planning can really be a busy mum’s saviour – but while there is a lot of stuff out there about meal planning tips, a lot of it seems to come from total domestic goddesses who could probably meal plan in their sleep.

Well, I am definitely not one of those people!

And if you are also not a domestic goddess, today I am sharing some meal planning tips from mum of four Rosie Luik – author, model, mother to four and altruistic surrogate mother to twins – who is completely honest in the fact that she is also not the greatest domestic goddess. And you all know there’s nothing I love more than that kind of honesty! Here are her survival tips:

Work out your family’s diary for the week ahead

First off, on Sunday, work out the week ahead. For me it’s what nights my husband is working and what nights the kids have activities.

meal planning tips

Let the kids!

Get the kids involved by doing a wall chart up and allocating a type of meal to each day i.e. Monday – chicken, Tuesday – mince, Wednesday – fish etc/

Then let the kids take turns in deciding what to make like chicken skewers for chicken night, Taco Tuesday for mince. I’ve found getting the kids involved in the decision making process and the preparation of the meal (if possible) increases the likelihood of them trying new things and actually eating them.

Cheat night

Plan to have take away one night a week – this is a great go-to if you are late getting home or forget to take something out that morning!

Don’t forget the leftovers

Make sure there are leftovers at least one meal a week so when on of you is working late they take leftovers to work and it’s an easy heat up dinner for both of you even if you are not eating together.

List list list!

It’s also a great idea to have a meal list of about 12-15 meals that you know everyone eats, then you can mix and match and rotate through and the kids don’t get sick of what’s being made. My kids are kind of sick of spaghetti bolognese as it’s my go to quick and easy meal that I resort to way too much.

meal planning tips

Go easy on yourself

Remember if it’s just been one of those days where you are struggling to make it through, forgive and go easy on yourself if you end up declaring to the household it’s a Breakfast for Dinner Day!

So there you go – easy, achievable meal planning tips for every imperfect mum. Do you feel like you could incorporate these tips into your week? Or perhaps you meal plan already and have your own tips to share? Do leave a comment and if you enjoyed this post why not check out these super easy slow cooker recipes.



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