Mindfulness for mums: 9 mini mindful mum moments to try today

Mindfulness for mums

*This is a guest post 

Are you bought into the benefits of mindfulness, but just don’t have the time?

Carving out time, even 10 minutes, for some mindful meditation can seem like yet another chore to add to the never-ending to-do list of a busy mum. But what if we were to integrate mini-mindful moments across our day? Here are just a few simple ideas to inspire you and bring a little bit more joy to each and every day:

Rise & Shine

When you first wake up (even if prematurely woken by a little), smile and say (out loud if possible) “it’s going to be a great day today” – even better if you get the kids to say it too!

Mindfulness for mums

A Mindful Shower

Feel the water against your skin, smell the soap, listen to the sound of the water hitting the ground. When your attention drifts to your to-do list, notice that, without judgement, and bring it back to each of your senses. It doesn’t need to take any more of your time but can be a powerful and grounding start to the day.

Morning Check-in on You

Use that morning cuppa as a trigger to check in on YOU – “how am I doing today? What is going on for me?” Notice how you’re feeling, any areas of tension in your body. Without judgement, without trying to change it. Take that learning into the day ahead. Do you need to tread gently? Go a bit slower today? What would your advice be to a friend in your position?

Post Drop-off Nature Therapy

You made it through the school run chaos. Congratulate yourself! Before you get on with the day, take a few moments to watch the clouds, or drink in the blue sky; examine the beauty of a flower, or hug a tree. Feel nature’s magic ground you. Feel that sense of calm within.

Smile & the World Smiles with You

Smile at the other mum walking down the street. The mum struggling at the check-out. The mum traipsing round the park. Even if she doesn’t smile back, know that you’ve touched her. Smile at the cashier, the barrister. Ask them how they are. Feel that social connection warm your soul.

Mindfulness for mums

Pick up Hugs

However fraught the day, make those first few moments of reunion count. Smile, even if you’re struggling inside. Take the opportunity for cuddle. Take every opportunity you can. Hold on for an extra few moments – as long as you can. Feel that oxytocin warm your blood and lift you up.

Soften & Zoom

Big emotions flying? Take a deep breath and try the mantra “I soften into this moment”. Zoom in on something you truly adore about them. Those eyelashes, that dimple…

Kids-Tea Time-Out

Can you take a few minutes to yourself before kids tea? A trip to the loo? Or even just a few moments at the sink? Connect with your breath – notice your chest rising and falling, the air passing through your lips or your nostrils – be curious. Breathe in, breathe out. Re-set.

Sleep Well

Take a few moments before you go to sleep to reflect on the best moments of the day. Never mind the mayhem. See if you can name 3 magic moments. Be specific. Reflect on how & why they happened. Let the rest of the day go. Feel that gratitude glow as you drift to sleep.

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  1. I need to take more mindful moments for myself. Starting with more sleep – I always get to bed far too late (she says, typing comments after midnight…)

  2. Wow… his post is so grounding in itself! When people say mindfulness to me my mind usually wanders to intricate colouring in and indulging in something for myself for hours on end and naturally I assume I just don’t have the time. This could be a really helpful tool in my life, thank you

  3. People may say this all the time in comments but I have absolutely bookmarked this! I’ve been working on mindfulness/meditation for a while now but it’s fallen by the wayside since I’ve been pregnant. I’ve wanted to get back into it and then gotten anxious thinking how on earth can I try it when I’ve got a new small human knocking about too! But this is SO helpful 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Love this because I read about mindfulness and worry that it will just become another big thing that I have to achieve along with all the others bits like work, home education, housework, cooking, shopping blah blah. This makes it seem very achieveable – baby steps and all that. Thank you #CoolMumClub

  5. I love this advice. I’m not very good at first thing in the morning and am likely to be too groggy to remember, but I can certainly try! My favourite is taking the time to look at nature before starting the day. #CoolMumClub

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