Handy money saving tips for Spring!

Money saving tips for Spring!

At last Spring is fast approaching! The days don’t seem as dark, there’s colour in flowerbeds and on the trees and the weather might start being a little kinder to us in the upcoming months. But for many of us, we’re still feeling the financial affect of Christmas and the New Year. Which means that we’re always on the lookout for ways to save a little money!

Here you’ll find a few tips and ideas of how you can keep a few extra pounds in your own pocket!

Repair not replace!

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. You go to use the washing machine, or put all the frozen shopping in the freezer and it’s not working as it should. While some of us are lucky enough to have had the foresight to purchase a warranty on our goods, not all of us do this for a variety of reasons.

So instead of rushing out to your nearest electrical store to replace that broken item, why not consider seeing if it can be repaired first? It’s quite common that electrical items simply need a new part installing, meaning that your appliance can be up and running again in no time, and for a reasonable price! So, instead of wondering how you’re going to replace your vacuum cleaner, consider vacuum cleaner repairs, instead.


Got a birthday coming up? Or perhaps one of your children? If relatives are asking what to get your little cherubs for their big day, then avoid going down the “toy route”, ask for clothes for the children or gift cards so they can choose their own. It might not be very exciting – but the money you save by putting off a kid’s clothes shop could go on days out with the family instead; something which everyone can enjoy!

Handy money saving tips for Spring

Keep your eyes peeled

With the Easter break coming up, you may be looking for – cheap – things to do. Check out your local or national newspaper for vouchers or money off codes, even cereal boxes! Keep an eye out for free events too. A taster session at the swimming pool, a story reading at the local library or half price before 6pm at a bowling alley. Keep your eyes peeled!

There are lots of English Heritage and National Trust locations where the admission is free! Don’t be tempted by expensive and over-hyped theme parks!

Go big

When feeding your family, you need to think ahead. Pork chop night? Instead of buying a pack – get a pork loin or shoulder instead. You could use half for a Sunday Lunch and the other for a stew or casserole midweek!

Get fruity

Got a bowl of over-ripened fruit? Brown bananas or squishy apples? Get the kids involved and start baking! A banana bread loaf or a luscious apple pie and ice cream! It’ll save you money on buying expensive biscuits or desserts. They’re great to take.

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