Move over the cutest babies on Instagram…#PetFamous

cutest babies on Instagram

In case you missed it, last year  was the year that was taken over by the cutest baby Instagram accounts which would leave your uterus practically exploding and at the same time your ego crying because they have a bajillion more followers than you.

But something has changed….the Instagram wind has turned and this year, 2018…it’s all about Instagram famous pets.

So what happened? When did these furry friends start ruling Instagram over chubby cheeks and squidgy baby thighs? I’ve teamed up with HiHouse – online retailer that provides everyday essentials along with a few fun bits and bobs for less – for this little comparison of the two to find out what has made these furry friends own Instagram like a boss. Move over Beyonce, Bieber and baby bums…because pets is where it’s at.

jiffpom vs Harlen Bodhi White 

OK so Harlen Bodhi White might be the picture perfect poster baby who grew into an Insta big brother but seriously, how can anyone compete with an insanely cute Pomeranian dressed up in some ridiculously cute and funny outfits! You can see how there’s absolutely no competition here.

Baby Joey vs Real Grumpy Cat

Okay, it’s true…dressing up your baby in hilariously cute costumes is genius! (errrrr….who does that anyway???!) but when put to the test against a furry competitor like a grumpy cat dressed up in a spider man suit…well you can see who’s going to make more waves there!

cutest babies on Instagram

cutest babies on Instagram

Leia & Lauren  vs Doug The Pug

The story of Leia and Lauren is an amazing one –  identical monoamniotic-monochorionic twins (identical twins sharing an amniotic sac with separate umbilical cords). We all know that twinning is winning especially when it’s as cute as these two girls but then Doug The Pug comes along in a vampire outfit plus a mini vampire pug and well, enough said!

cutest babies on Instagram

So you can see where I’m going with this….babies are cute but the thing is….pets are just wayyyyy cuter and funnier on Instagram, and that’s why they are bumping baby accounts from the top posts of Instagram and becoming stars left right and centre. Obviously I could get lost in a vortex of making loads more comparisons of babies vs pets of Instagram, but then…you probably wouldn’t be hearing from me again for a while!

Which do you think is cutest – the babies or pets of Instagram? I know where I’m sticking my stick in the sand! Do leave a comment and share.

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