A moving home checklist – everything you need to remember for your house move!

moving home checklist

In our rental days, we moved house something crazy like once a year until we finally bought our own home two years ago (and for the record, no we never looked like that couple above during any of them!). That is a hell of a lot of house moving, totting up to something epic like eight times in ten years – phew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. But you know what they say….practice makes perfect and whatever doesn’t break you makes you… and having practiced that much over the last decade, not to mention throwing an international move into the mix, I’d like to think that when it comes to house moving, we’ve pretty much got it all locked down.

So if you’ve got a house moving coming up and thinking GAH! I’ve got a bajillion things to do in advance and need to reduce the stress of it all with some serious checklist skills ….fret not, here’s what you need to do:

Around two months before you move

  1. Book time off work
  2. Get the school stuff sorted – get them registered at a new school and make sure all their records are transferred
  3. Order plenty of packing boxes and tape – top tip: Shurgard has many lots of sizes of boxes,  all of which are fairly priced
  4. Start ditching all the things you don’t need
  5. Get quotes in for removal companies and book your removal company of choice
  6. Check/organise home insurance. If you were brave enough to take on a self build and purchased construction insurance be sure to check what’s included in that.

In the month before you move

  1. Sort out the switch over for all your bills and utilities. Now is a good time to go and shop around – check out sites like U Switch to see if you can save on any of these as part of the move
  2. Get all your addresses updated across all things bills, financials and subscriptions and set up mail redirects for any other post
  3. Let the council tax people know you are moving home so you can ensure you’re paying the right amount
  4. Childcare – make sure you have booked in someone to help look after the sproglets so you can focus on the exhausting task of getting yourselves all moved!
  5. Other help – try and rope in other friends and family to help you on the day. Many hands really does make light work!
  6. Packing – packing, packing, packing! I find it’s best to take the little by little approach rather than a mad last minute approach. Make sure every box is labelled obviously as to which room it will be going in and scribble a rough list of what is in each one on it. Take a cue from some of the handy tips  offered by storage firms for moving items like ‘think stack before you pack’ (i.e. heavy items at the bottom for a stable base) which you can find via this new storage firm in Greenwich.
  7.  Consider putting some items into storage whilst you move and be savvy about this. Different areas may offer you a better deal depending on how much competition there is nearby.  Also upcoming areas will see new stores being built and new stores mean new customer promotions and potential savings for you!  For example, the Royal Borough of Greenwich is receiving a lot of investment and has a newly built storage firm that claims to be one of the largest in Europe (Shurgard Greenwich) – perfect for those living in the surrounding area of Greenwich, North Greenwich, Charlton, Vanbrugh Park and the north of Kidbrooke. Be sure to look out for similar opportunities near you!
  8. Organise any parking restrictions you might need for the move with your local borough/s. I’m leaving plenty of buffer for this one!

A week to a few days before

  1. Pack an overnight bag
  2. Pack a box of kitchen essentials, snack box, toiletries box for ease of access
  3. Do a big last round of laundry – nothing worse than taking lots of dirty laundry with you to the new house!
  4. Bag up some spare duvets and pillows if you have them with bedding on so you can have something clean to sleep on your first night in the new place.
  5. Start emptying out your fridge and freezer and get on with the defrosting and while you’re at it have a bit chuck out from your kitchen cupboards of any foods that haven’t seen the light of day for too long.
  6. Pack up all your valuable items and documents
  7. Starting planning what will go in the first delivery, the second delivery etc etc
  8. Get all the packing across the house finished including and dismantling that needs doing
  9. Go through the garden and make sure you’ve packed up anything that might be knocking around in there – shed included.
  10. Keep your mobile phone on you at all times to it doesn’t get mixed up in the crazy!

And so it was the night before the big move….I know this is so hard but do try to get a good night’s sleep because quite frankly you will be knackered!

On the big day

  1. Ship the kids out to whoever is taking them
  2. Do any last minute packing that needs to be locked down
  3. Do a triple check for anything you might have left behind and make sure everything is disconnected
  4. Welcome the movers and make sure they know exactly what they are doing
  5. Once the last van has gone do one last final check and then say bye bye to your old home and hello to your new home
  6. Pour yourself a big glass of wine!

A moving home checklist - everything you need to know

All that is left to say is….best of luck for the big move my lovelies!

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  1. Pack the kettle and tea bags last so that they can be unpacked first. Also track down your bedding and make up your bed as soon as you can even if you leave the rest of the bedroom. That way you can flop into bed once it’s the end of the day rather than having to track down the bedding before bed.

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