Moving house during Coronavirus – a quick guide

Moving house during  Coronavirus

Thinking about moving house during Coronavirus? Perhaps you were about to put the house on the market before this all hit, or perhaps you were in the process of doing so, and then it all fell through due to the current situation? If you’re moving house during Coronavirus here’s what you can expect.

Currently, England’s property market is slowly being released from some aspects of the lockdown.

Lots of people in the real estate sector expect a rise in moving because many were unable to move during the peak of the lockdown. In any event, rigorous standards are still in place, covering every aspect of buying, leasing, and selling. Moreover, at least for now, the property markets in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland remain shut down.

How will socially distanced property viewings work during the Coronavirus pandemic?

For starters, property viewings will be online and not in person. Recently, virtual viewings have ended up being more common in the months preceding the Coronavirus pandemic and will continue for the foreseeable future. Additionally, open house viewings are not expected to return anytime soon.

Virtual conferences through platforms such as Zoom, or FaceTime allow home buyers and house sellers to consult with their agent. Representatives can be familiar with their consumers and their requirements, and clients have the opportunity to ask the agent concerns to make sure the agent is the ideal fit. Representatives will have an easier time scheduling conference with their clients since virtual meetings get rid of travel time for both parties and can be brought out anywhere with a great internet connection.

When prospective purchasers and renters desire to examine a property, in person, government guidance specifies only one homeowner should be present as the home is being shown.  

Internal doors must remain open, and door handles must be wiped down in addition to other surface areas after each show. Cleaning facilities ought to be offered, towels cleaned, and visitors might bring their own hand sanitizer.

According to government guidelines, if anyone, including the current residents, is symptomatic, self-isolating, then the showings should not occur.

An estate or letting agent shouldn’t drive anyone to property and when showing property, estate, and letting, agents must stay 6ft away from others during the showing.

Can my landlord evict me now?

When general constraints on movement were implemented, protections for occupants were also put in place. The government has suspended both ongoing evictions and the filing of new eviction proceedings.

Up until 30 September, the majority of landlords will not be able to begin eviction proceedings unless the tenant has been given three months’ notice. Those rules still stand, even though property managers can now begin showing potential renters around again.

Social property managers and real estate associations have been informed to ensure renters are not put under excessive pressure to move. Policies on returning keys, evaluations, and occupancy sign-ups likewise require to be reevaluated to comply with social distancing requirements.

Will tenants have to move their own possessions?

No, removals services like those offered by Apex Removals London will now be allowed to run more extensively, but with some restrictions.

People need to clean their personal belongings before asking movers to handle them. They should likewise keep their doors open and offer cleaning facilities to the removals team.

Elimination teams will be encouraged to operate a” buddy” system. Any removal workers or occupants with even the mildest symptoms ought to not work, while if someone in the house is symptomatic, the relocation must be rescheduled.

Lastly, there is always the option of moving your valuables yourself.

Moving house during Coronavirus will certainly be interesting and present its own unique challenges, but like with all things during this pandemic, it will become a new norm we will become used to. Wishing you all the best with your move!


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