A much needed movie date night #ButterkistNightInDelivered #AD

movie date night

It’s got to that point of year….burn out! Mr C and I have been running around like headless chickens with work, general life, Christmas prep and adulting stuff against the backdrop of various lurgies. By the time the little has gone to bed, most evenings we’ve either been like zombies or passing ships in the night. Either way, some serious reconnecting is needed before we forget what each other look like. And with the weather so very cold outside, this calls for one thing….a secret movie night!

The key is in the “secret”….he doesn’t know that I’m organising this. But I’ve teamed up with the lovely folks at Butterkist who have delivered everything I need for a #ButterkistNightInDelivered to help me make this happen. So let’s get this show on the road:

movie date night

First up…a NOW TV VIP pass. Seeing as it’s the festive season, I’m planning on getting us involved with some festive favourites that don’t involve Frosty The Snowman (which has pretty much been on repeat in this house) – huzzah! There are so many goodies to choose from over on NOW TV but I can not resist a bit of Bad Santa, maybe followed back to back with that grouchy old Grinch because we are massive Jim Carey fans….that man is a comedy genius!

movie date night

And next, we have the most vital bit – Butterkist popcorn! This is going to be a tough choice…..Choc Mallow, Crunchy Toffee popcorn or our favourite the classic Sweet and Salted. Hmmm might have to let Mr C choose on that one or even go for all three!

movie date night

So all that is left is to make it happen.!I’m off to go and leave that post it note somewhere Mr C won’t be expecting to see it and that’s all from me now because sorry, this movie night is for two people only…


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