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mum truthsHello! And welcome to this week’s edition of mum truths where fellow guest parenting bloggers come to the floor to share truths about life as a mum. This week we have Laura from Autumn’s Mummy to share her mum truths with us…


mum truths

Hi there, I’m Laura, aka. Autumn’s Mummy, a happily married 25 year old first-time mum from Kent. I blogs about our day to day life, as well as our eclectic range of interests. I’ve always had a passion for writing and have been blogging since 2005, but have only recently been inspired to start blogging seriously. One of the main reasons i started my blog was to document the seemingly daily changes in my baby daughter. However, life as Autumn’s Mummy didn’t get off to a very good start, so I also wanted to document these traumatic events as a form of therapy. There is never a dull moment in Autumn’s Mummy’s household and strange things always seem to happen when she’s around, so you can expect weirdness, lots of laughter, some tears and lots of cuteness!

Sum up being a mum in five words….

Tiring, amazing, overwhelming, magical, fortunate

What did you wish you knew before having children?

I wish I had known a lot of the things that people never seem to tell you beforehand. I knew that pregnancy made you tired and sick at the beginning, but I didn’t realise I was going to feel unwell the whole way through. There was also a lot about babies that I didn’t know until I had one; it felt like nobody had really told me anything before as there was so much I didn’t know.

What has been the hardest thing in motherhood for you?

The hardest thing for me was when Autumn suddenly fell critically ill at two weeks old and I thought she was going to die. After weeks of waiting to find out exactly what had happened, it turned out that she had a huge ovarian cyst that had wrapped itself around one of her ovaries. This had killed it off and doctors think it either caused sepsis or a stress-like response mimicking sepsis. I also found it difficult when as a result of this, she had to have open surgery at 5 weeks old to remove the cyst and ovary.

When things get tough in motherhood you……

Take a deep breath. I haven’t felt the need to put the baby in a safe place leave the room for 5 minutes or so yet, but it may happen in the future.

What do you feel guilty about as mum?

I feel ever so guilty that I had to stop breastfeeding Autumn. I ended up having anxiety so severe I was almost hospitalised as a result of her illness. I had to stop as I needed medication so that I was actually functional enough to look after Autumn.

When was the last time you lost your s*** at your child/children?

I got really cross last week when I was trying to do about a million things. Autumn was clean and fed and seemingly crying for no reason, so I shouted at her. I felt so guilty afterwards, (I still do actually), and apologised with kisses and a huge cuddle.

What makes you feel bad as a mum?

When I lose my s*** and on the rare occasion that I can’t seem to fix Autumn’s crying.

And what makes you feel good as a mum?

I might be imagining it, but when I take her to new places she seems to really enjoy them and give me an extra big smile as if to say “Thank you so much for bringing me here, I love it!” That has happened twice in the last week; when I took her swimming and when we went to baby bounce and rhyme. When I see her smile at me, I feel like I’m doing this parenting thing right.

The universal sods law of being a mum is…..

If you put on an outfit you’ve just washed, it will be puked on – especially if it was handwash only, so you had to really put the effort in!

What is the greatest lesson being a mum has taught you?

  1. Gratitude. I’m so much more thankful for my Mum and Nan and what they’ve done for me. I appreciate the miracle of life more and, most of all, I am thankful for Autumn and that she’s still here.

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