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mum truths

Hello! And welcome back to the series Mum truths where I invite fellow parenting bloggers to talk honestly and openly about their experience of life as a mum. Today we have Lindsay from Newcastle Family Life with her mum truths so take it away Lindsay!


Hello, I am Lindsay a 32-year-old stay at home mum who is addicted to coffee, forever on a diet (and failing) and a total homebody. I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne with my partner Lee and are three children Chloe who is 14, Sophia who is 3 and Jacob who is 2. I have been blogging for two years over at which is a family lifestyle blog.

Sum up being a mum in five words….

Crazy, Tiring, Loving, Enjoyable, Amazing

What did you wish you knew before having children?

That when people say it goes so fast they really are telling the truth, I wish I had of cherished the baby days that little bit more.

What has been the hardest thing in motherhood for you?

The lack of ‘me time’ and sleep for sure, even after three children I struggle with the sleepless nights and never having any time to myself to just do simple things like have a shower when I want or a hot cup of tea and read a magazine in peace. Having three children means that I always have at least one child with me and it is very very rare that I get any alone time.

When things get tough in motherhood you……

Being a mum to a moody teen and two mischevious toddlers things often get tough,  the children are nearly always with me so I normally end up escaping to the kitchen to make a coffee and shed a few tears in peace. I will escape into a hot bubble bath when I get the chance though to unwind and have half an hours break which normally makes me feel a lot better.

What do you feel guilty about as mum?

I always feel guilty that I don’t spend much one to one time with each child. Having three children is a constant juggling act as they nearly always seem to need my attention at the same time. We try and take each of them out somewhere on their own each month, so they can have one on one time with us. I also make sure they each get a little bit of one on one time each day, so they have my undivided attention and I can talk to them. I still feel guilty though, especially for my eldest two as their younger brother is so loud and often takes up more of my time.

When was the last time you lost your s*** at your child/children?

Oh I can’t remember, I am often shouting at them for being naughty and I am forever putting the little two in the naughty corner for fighting/ trying to destroy things. Probably a few weeks ago for trying to kill each other more than likely.

What makes you feel bad as a mum?

I always feel really bad when I tell them off, I am so soft. Or if I ever see one of them crying for some reason I nearly always start crying myself.

And what makes you feel good as a mum?

Nothing beats when they tell you that they love you and give you a kiss or a cuddle. Also watching them do something new for the first time and seeing how proud they look of themselves, such a heartwarming sight.

The universal sods law of being a mum is…..

Oh there is so many! Whenever you make a coffee you never get to drink it warm, or whenever you answer the phone they will suddenly start fighting/screaming/suddenly need you. Those seem to be the most common two in my life right now.

What is the greatest lesson being a mum has taught you?

That nothing else in world matters other than my family being safe, happy and healthy.

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