Mum fashion problems: Would you be seen dead in a bomber jacket?

As I write this I am breaking out in a fashion cold sweat (or should I say burning up in flames), rocking back and forth as the shops overflow with bomber jackets. Khaki, floral, satin numbers are laughing at me from every clothes rail in every shop from H & M to good old M & S.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that people have worn shell suits to festivals over the summer in some kind of ironic fashion statement, now the curse of my 90s youth us gone mainstream and is stealthily infiltrating the high street.

Unable to curb my curiosity any further (yes, I have been holding back on this for MONTHS!) one fateful afternoon I found myself drifting into H & M and shock horror! Finding my arm drift over to the rail where that bronze bomber jacket was brazenly flaunting its shiny self to me.

I became involved in some weird or of body experience where my brain had separated from my arm and appeared to be attempting to pick up the monstrosity. Clearly all logic and reason had gone out of the window as I sleep walked into the fashion pit of hell and slid on the bomber and stood in front of the mirror in all my mum unglory.

Was that the sound of the mirror breaking at the ridiculous sight of me standing to attention adorned with bronze bomber jacket?

Or was it the sound of reality crashing down around me as I realised…MY GOD! I was actually standing there in a f****ing bronze bomber jacket.

What was I thinking??! As the years zoomed back on the clock suddenly I was transported back to my saddo teen years when I first came to befriend the bomber and it was a nasty sight.

Pass me the bucket!

And now I realise that for any ridiculous fashion trend to truly work there is one massive prerequisite…to have never had the shame to wear it back in the days when it first made an appearance..especially when that was in your highly awkws teen years.

Bomber jackets – you belong in a box with Biebs, crop tops, and flipping Fit Bits, but definitely not on me.

Have you had any horror mum fashion moments? Do leave a comment and share.

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  1. This made me laugh because one of my daughters ordered a bomber jacket from the internet and didn’t like it, so tried to sell it to me. She kept telling me how good it looked and then partner came home, took one look and said: er…no! Alison x #coolmumclub

  2. Mwahahahaha, I had a bomber jacket, peddle-pushers from Tammy Girl (remember those?!) and a shell-suit. Man, how have I only realised how super-cool I was 😉

  3. Lol I remember the bomber Jacket from first time round. I must have been about 14. My best friend and I had exactly the same one and when her mum found cigarettes in HER coat pocket she said it was my jacket and my cigarettes. Oh the memories.

  4. Ha! I chuckled my way through that one! You told it brilliantly! I’ve never owned, nor do I plan on owning a bomber jacket. I know my limits! I couldn’t even wear them in the 90s so that’s saying something! I would, however, love to have the balls to get back into Doc Boots. I probably won’t though. #CoolMumClub.

  5. Is now not the right time to say I have a rather gorgeous dusky pink bomber jacket that I absolutely love?? FashFails are too many to mention and totally agree that when something I wore badly as a kid comes back en vogue I stay well clear!
    #coolmumclub xx

  6. I haven’t been seen in a bomber jacket since the early 90’s when my brother and I had matching maroon ones. I try to steer clear of far out fashion, I’m most likely to be seen in my jeans and pretty much whatever doesn’t need washing! When I go on a night out I’m always shocked at some of the fashion trends, I’m definitely out of it these days! #coolmumclub

  7. I see people wearing bomber jackets and think, yeah, you look cool. I put on a bomber jacket and I transform into a man. Other things do this to me, checked shirts, cigarette pants and blazers. I agree, bye bye bomber jackets!

  8. D’you know what I have actually toyed with the idea of one of those bomber jackets! Something stopped me though, maybe it was the flashbacks to my teenage days with me and my girl gang all owning a different coloured one each, emblazoned with record labels (when none of us had a clue about dance music and were busy listening to Take that)…
    Thanks for making me see the light! #coolmumclub

  9. Oh God I am officially a fashion disaster now that I’m a mum! I have a Christmas do with work this Saturday. I am therefore wearing my one and only going out out dress which is floaty and pretty and girly and will involve the wearing of heels. It has occurred to me today that I last wore it in June. I only have one coat, and it is a parker. Similar to that worn by Kenny of South Park. I am now quite seriously contemplating wearing my Kenny coat over my glossy tights and killer heels. T’is ridiculous and my pre-mum self wants to slap me. #coolmumclub xx

  10. hahaha i’m happy to leave this trend back where it belongs, in the 80’s! i definitely have these moments though and shuffle away reminding myself i’m no longer young, carefree and can dress in ridiculous styles *sob*

  11. Ah I love bomber jackets. Bought one from TK Maxx and when I put it on it made me feel like a teenager! Ended up taking it back. We tried on original Japanese ones once and that was fun. But yeah, some styles I think will be more me and others look better on others! So for now, I’ve stopped searching for the perfect bomber jackets and focussing on ankle boots instead xxxx #coolmumclub

  12. Ha! I have definitely had a few moments like these in the changing rooms when I’ve thought wtf am I doing!? And the reality that I’m not a teenager slaps me around the face…I haven’t yet picked up a bomber jacket but feel it wouldn’t have been too long – so I’m glad I read this first!! x #coolmumclub

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