Mummy swimwear: Why I’m re-embracing the bikini +#WIN

Do you remember the days when you could throw a bikini on without giving it a second thought? Apart from a having a quick panic defuzz, you wouldn’t think twice about putting on a two piece.

Our postpartum bodies

But then we have a baby, and suddenly we become scared to wear a bikni postpartum. Our bodies will never be the same again, and so we wonder, how can we ever wear a bikini and put our post baby bodies on show – the loose skin, the stretchmarks and the general droppage?

We shrink back inside our new mum bodies like lost little souls in front of bright you things who prance around gleefully in their two pieces, and vow to give every single bikini to the charity shop.

Time to move on

That used to be me. But six years down the line, something inside me has changed, and thawed. I have been re-embracing the bikini! And it has been feeling good, and empowering! Something flicked inside my head and I realised that I didn’t want to be that woman feeling shoehorned into covering up her tummy anymore. Yes, I wanted to love my body, and be free in a bikini. You see, I didn’t care what people thought because the reality is, they are probably not thinking, looking or noticing anything anyway.

mummy swimwear

Perhaps I am no longer a svelte, smooth, slinky picture perfect 20 something year old, but I know that if I’m to set a good example to my daughter, I need to throw any insecurity aside and just don the bikini! I may no longer be that woman who can trek over mountains, or rave with the best of them all night. But I am also not a woman who wants to be chained to the insecurity in my head. And I want to empower my daughter to love herself as she grows up, and the best thing I can do is model that.

Re-embracing the bikini

So I ordered a bikini from UK Swimwear, put it on and asked my six year old daughter what she thought. She said, “Mum, I love it!”.

My jaw could have hoovered up the floor.

I lit up inside…and outside. And I realised, that instead of judging ourselves so harshly about what we do or do not wear to the pool or beach on holiday, instead let’s see ourselves with the total non-judgement that children do.

That feeling of ditching the judgement to ourselves is such a liberating one. If we ditch the self judgement, we can wear anything! And according to any five or six year old, we will look fabulous. And since children are the future. I’m going with their opinion.

mummy swimwear

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  1. I used to wear a little bikini when I was younger but since having a kid and getting a bit older, I prefer a one piece or a two piece that covers my tummy!

  2. I’m envious of people who wear them, nothing to do with the body but the body confidence I envy, I wouldn’t wear a bikini in my wildest dreams

  3. I prefer bikinis, I hate the feel of a wet swimming costume on my stomach before it’s dried! Always have a sarong at hand though

  4. I prefer to were a swimming costume rather than a bikini. Even though I have lost 5st I haven’t the confidence to wear one

  5. I wear a bikini, but only a cup fitting – 36F and also with a tummy holding brief. You pay extra for them, but they are more flattering and secure. UK Swimwear have a wonderful range.

  6. Post children I definitely need either a tankini or a one piece. I see some sights on the beach that don’t flatter the person’s figure, and I think there is a tasteful look and and a disastrous look! Great competition thanks for the chance to win.

  7. I do wear bikinis, but only the vintage inspired high waist brief ones! I’m actually more conscious of my wobbly thighs than my tummy to be honest…

  8. I worry about my body – as I am suffering with anorexia, so think I would prefer a swimming costume, but hopefully become more confident with a bikini xx

  9. I started off only wearing bikinis, then went to Tankinis & now I’ll only wear a swimsuit. But I’m hoping to lose all my weight as I’ve joined a gym & I’m hoping to go on holiday next year so maybe the bikini will be making a comeback!

  10. I’ve never worn a bikini. I really don’t have the confidence for it. Always a swimsuit for me. There are lots of lovely flattering ones that aren’t boring.

  11. I pretty much never sunbathe and only use them in the water where I much prefer a one piece. Not only do they hold in the wobbly bits but they also stay in place better when swimming

  12. Sounds like we’re all having very different experiences of our bodies and bikinis here but I love that this is getting everyone talking about it openly – good luck to everyone entering the giveaway! xx

  13. I wear a swimsuit when we go away in this country, if we venture abroad then I may consider a bikini but would depend on how comfortable I felt with it.

  14. I prefer swimsuits as I am not that confident but with the right shape and design a bikini can be wonderful!

  15. A swimsuit has always looked better on me, much more slimming! I did used to wear bikinis in my twenties but it was mainly because my friends did.

  16. I really havent got the figure for a bikini although now days they seem to have tops and bottoms which i do like, bunormally i am in a full swimsuit

  17. Even as a teenager I was never happy in a bikini. 50 years on I do a daily gym and swim and I go flat out as I have been a lifelong swimmer but its always a one-piece cossie for me.

  18. Fabulous please count me in! I am more of a swimsuit gal now. Sadly I haven’t stuck to my no carbs before marbs diet!

  19. The last time i wore a bikini was when i was pregnant with my son 6 years ago, it was such a hot summer i used to get in the bikini and sit in a tiny paddling pool to try to cool down. I looked like a beached whale then but at least my tummy was taught (stretched completely not toned!) but now its so saggy I couldnt imagine ever wearing a bikini again. Ive been struggling to even find a tankini which hides the overhang to be honest. Would love to have the confidence to just get on the beach in whatever is comfy.

  20. It’s a long time since I wore a bikini! Full swimming costumes can be too hot though in sunny climates. I might brave a tankini.

  21. I’ve never minded wearing a bikini up until recently, when I’ve went into a size 18, at the moment I would only wear a simming costume.

  22. I will wear a bikini, my belly is saggy after 3 pregnancies but it made my children and so I am not assumed of it and if it’s hot and I am in and out of the sea with the children then I will wear one. I do cover up when walking around the beach or pool though with some kind of top

  23. I love wearing bikinis but I’m am finding that I’m starting to opt for high waisted bikinis for a it more coverage recently

  24. Despite only being a UK size 10, i hate my tummy since having my son 9 years ago, i have been left with very stretched skin on my tummy that is wrinkly and makes me lack confidence. I would love perhaps to get a high waisted bikini.

  25. I’ve never used to wear bikini but at the moment I’m expecting and am huge so thought why not and I didn’t regret it 🙂 Who cares what people think, love yourself.

  26. I wore one…once….in the house…alone…. It is my all in one for me and I avoid the mirrors!! Absolute genuine jealousy and applause from me for those that do.

  27. I love wearing bikinis and cant wait to be able to wear them again when bump is born in a few short weeks time

  28. I got a big scar from an operation when I was a teen which put me off for one holiday when I was 16 but then I got fed up and decided if someone has a problem with how I look, they can look away and wore one on my next trip to the beach here in the UK! I like these adverts that say everybody is a beach body but understand it can take a lot of confidence or just a large stubborn streak like mine that nothing is gong to stop me wearing what I want to!

  29. I’ve just turned 40, in the process of loosing some weight ready for my first Holiday with the girls broad (woopwoop) and I plan to wear a bikini yes me! Nothing too stringy though.

  30. I have grown in confidence with age but alas so has my tummy so……..I would feel more at ease in a one piece costume.

  31. I used to quite enjoy wearing a bikini but in the last few years I don’t have the confidence any more. I am on a weight loss journey though so you never know…!

  32. id love to wear a bikini but because i have horrible stretch marks on my tummy i dont feel confident enough to wear one,i do wear a two piece though,i wear shorts and a top,if they did bottoms the went over my belly button then id wear them

  33. I never had any body confidence when I was younger because my mum always told me I had a big bottom- which would be a compliment today but wasn’t in the 1990s! It only dawned on me years later that I was only one clothes size bigger than her and I was six inches taller! Apart from a bit of a flabby mum tum, I’m the same weight as I was back then (and a clothes size smaller due to the measurements of sizes having changed over the years) but as I’ve never worn a bikini I’m not sure I can imagine starting now. Never say never though!

  34. Never worn a bikini and never will lol, I have 5 kids and has 3 c sections and various other operations and scars so no chance lol

  35. I feel my days of wearing a bikini are definitely over. I’m way to conscious of stretch marks and wobbly bits!

  36. I wore bikinis before becoming a mother but ever since, have opted for swimsuits! I think it depends how confident you are in your body! I have nothing against bikinis!

  37. I’d love to be more confident about my body shape in particular my tummy area so I tend to wear a tankini rather than a bikini but I do love bikinis

  38. I have no interest whatsoever in wearing a bikini! I wore one when I was about 6 but had to change before my dad and the man next door got in as I didn’t want men seeing me in one!!! With the stretchmarks and flab on my tummy, there’s no way I’d ever want that out in public!

  39. […] ​Stretch marks, flaps of excess skin, added weight throughout your body – all of these are different features that your body might have if you’ve given birth. You might even still be struggling, but those doesn’t have to hinder you from taking that beach trip or suntanning in your backyard pool. These bikinis will come to your rescue with esteem-boosting looks and mom body-flattering abilities. […]

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