A mum’s dream of a nice watch

nice watch

Once upon a time there was a young woman. Now this young woman had all the time in the world. All the time in the world to make sure she looked good, smelt good, accessorized right, and basically rocked it on all aesthetic fronts as a woman. All in the days before she became a mum.

The one day, she fell in love…she ran off into the sunset, had babies, and then CRASH! realized there was no sunset. On top of that she realised she would never really have the time to indulge her previous fancies and whims again, because she would be too busy wiping snotty noses, alongside poo smeared bums and frequently feeling like a failure. Sigh.

And along with all her other dreams, disappeared her vision of owning a truly blingtastic watch. On her wrist remained the watch that had graced her wrist for the best part of ten years. It looked like she did – worn.

And so, as all mums stuck in this situation would do, she poured herself a large glass of wine, cut herself a mahoosive slice of chocolate cake and she dreamed….

She dreamed of beautiful watches. She dreamed of heavenly Cartier watches, of outlandish Dolce & Gabana watches, of decadent Bulgari watches and spangly Van Cleef & Arpels watches. All shiny and new and making her arm look like it was worth a million dollars. While currently it was valued more at 2p.

nice watch

Then her heart sunk to the bottom of her stomach as she knew this dream would never be. Sob!

Hey ho, us mums are good at coming up with creative solutions. So then she dreamed of second hand watches instead – yes far more sensible and practical for mums of our ilk.

And in her more practical dream, she obsessed over a pre owned Cartier, because quite frankly that would still be eons better than the shabby what on earth is that anyway on your wrist sorry excuse for a watch??! she had.

nice watch

But until the watch gods come to visit her, or a seriously minted fairy god mother did perhaps it was all just a dream. But maybe she could drop some hints by leaving this guide to how to buy a woman’s watch open on her decrepit laptop screen…you know, just in case her prince charming needed an epic hint of sorts.

Do you harbor dreams of a new watch? Which watch do you dream of having?

*This is a collaborative post

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