Munchkin: The only way to be out and about with your toddler

Getting out with your toddler or preschooler and Munchkin

The weather has been warming up  and that means getting out of the house more with your little ones. Of course, we love being out in the great outdoors with our sproglets, however in a world of toddler unpredictability, there are a few things that can help our days out and about be a little more, well, organised.

Cue Munchkin, which many of you will know from their feeding utensils, cups, and bottles. But no! Their range encompasses so much more than what’s probably already tucked away inside your cupboards and drawers, which helps you seize the day when out and about.

For starters, there is the Backseat and Pushchair Organiser (£11.00). Seriously, why have I not had this brilliant yet simple invention in my mum life since the the beginning? If you are one of those disorganized mums whose buggy under-carriage is like a Tardis and who is forever rooting around in your bag to find things which should be “easily accessible” then this is most definitely for you.

Red stroller with stroller organiser hanging on the back

We used this on our stroller the whole time, but it can also be used in your car too on the back of a seat. Whilst on the go, we used it to stuff pretty much everything and anything into – from water bottle to toys that just HAD to come out with us, books, wipes, snacks and a whole host of other paraphernalia that is constantly being shoved on you by your toddler. Not only is this one smart storage solution that magically keeps your stroller organized and clutter free but it also makes everything reachable in an instant – for the first time since forever.

Next up is the Toddler Lunch Bag (£7.00). As far as lunch bags go, I’m not sure you can get much cuter than this adorable and colourful bumble bee design. And in the words of my toddler…”I JUST LOVE IT!”.

Toddler bumble bee pack lunch bag

Not only is it perfectly practical being a spot on size for on-the-go toddler meals, little ones love it so much that they are proud to carry it around with them, and it also helps to ease the pain of food battles on the go because they can’t wait to get into anything that lies within. Of course, it also has an easy-release buckle that attaches easily to your pushchair or bag, once the toddler in question flips their switch and decides they are too tired to carry it around.

While we’re on the subject of eating, can I just say how much we love the Deluxe Snack Catcher (£7.00). Ingeniously designed to enable independent eating without a mess exploding EVERYWHERE, it’s a multitasking bowl with two different lids. The first has soft flaps that are gentle enough for fingers to get through, but sturdy enough to keep messes at bay. This Click Lock® snack lid is 100% spill-proof giving you much-needed reassurance against spilled snacks. The second lid is a re-sealable cap that fits securely on top of the cup to help prevent uneaten foods from becoming stale. The is one hard-working snack cup that will keep up with even the most active of tasmanian toddler devils!

Pink toddler snack container

And lastly…you know that moment when your toddler finally conks out in the car for a precious nap, only for the sun to break through and threaten with roasting their eyelids and cutting short their slumber? Yes, well there’s the Keep It Cool Shade (£18) for that. Designed with a premium mesh to block harmful UV rays and keep your little ones cool on the go, this is so brilliantly easy to put up  that we literally leant over and attached it at a moment’s notice when our little one unexpectedly nodded off after professing ten times she was not tired, and subsequently you can just reach over and close the blind down for future sleeps.

Overall, I am in love with the great design and practical nature of the Munchkin range for when you’re on the move. They know how to make your life just that little bit easier when out and about when your little ones, which in this crazy world of parenting, is worth it’s weight in gold.

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This post is in collaboration with Munchkin. All opinions are my own.


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