My blogging space essentials

blogging space essentials

Every blogger is different but if you’re anything like me, you will have a particular “set up” that will make your blogging space unique, and the place that feels like your blogging home when you sit down to write.

I’ve written before about how important I think it is to have your own blogging space, and now today I’m going to share with you what my blogging space essentials are:

A nifty desk

Unless you are lucky to have a garden in the office or a whole room to yourself, you’ll need a nifty little hard working desk. I love my Habitat Cato Desk which I only picked up at Argos which not only is the perfect size but also super stylish and affordable!

blogging space essentials

A super comfy chair

When I basically sit all morning blogging, a super comfortable chair is a must and for that, there is nothing better than an ergonomic chair which provides the perfect lower back support – great for when you’re sitting fro long periods of time!  Love this one from Jason L Office furniture which is not only great for your back but also super stylee.

blogging space essentials

Plenty of notebooks!

Although I do tend to write a lot of my notes on my phone I do like to balance things with the old school. Notebooks are great for scribbling down ideas and notes and I love these super cute ones from Perkins & Morley. They come in lots of different designs but the pugs are my favourite!

blogging space essentials

A stylish lamp

Especially in the Winter months, there’s nothing worse than sitting down to a dark space when blogging. A stylish lamp for perking up your surroundings is a must and I love this vintage Scandi style lamp from Wayfair.

blogging space esssentials

A to-do desk pad

When you’re a mummy blogger, you have limited time to get s*** done, so it’s important to have something that can get you to focus instantly on sitting down. I love this Stop Faffing desk pad from Paperchase to do exactly that.

blogging space essentials

All your stationery!

Obviously, you need pens…quite a few of them because they always go missing…but apart from that it’s also useful to have all the other bits and pieces to hand as opposed to rummaging around in the drawers for those paperclips when you need them. I love this handy Mini Stationery set from Wilko to ensure that all your stationery essentials are within easy reach.

blogging space essentials

So what are you blogging space essentials? Do share in a comment below.

blogging space essentials

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  1. We’re currently looking at moving house and I’ve found myself looking at houses online thinking “ooh that will be a good blogging space” as I don’t really have anywhere here. Yours is lovely and has given me so great inspiration.

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