My Dream Pet with Petplan


We are a massively dog loving family…which may come as a surprise to you my lovely readers seeing as we never talk about dogs or a family pet on the blog, or even have a dog in residence at the moment!

But there is a big reason for that. Let me explain….

We had to give our dog up

We adopted our dog when we were living in Singapore. He was by my side when I was pregnant, and in our immediate family until our daughter was one.  When we eventually moved back to the UK four years later, without a house to call our own – we never in a million years thought it would be such a drama to find somewhere to rent that would accept us with our dog. But so it was, and  our gorgeous, crazy cocker Reishii was thankfully taken in by my in laws, all the way up in Lincolnshire, while we settled down in Greater London. Our dream was to eventually find a place where we could live altogether in one roof, so that my daughter could grow up with our dog Reishii-face.


Things don’t always work out as planned

But after a year, Reishii became so settled with the in-laws that after the whole upheaval of moving back to the UK, and then feeling totally settled in his own home, we just didn’t have the heart to break up the love affair that had flourished between Reishii and my in-laws. There had been too many changes for him already in the first six years of his life and he seemed so happy and settled there. So we visited as often as we could, but meanwhile, our daughter – who spent her first year of her life with our doggy dynamo continued to pine for Reishii.


The dream of a pet still continues

So it was not really any surprise that when she was asked to create her own dream pet by Petplan that she knew exactly what that was going to be……our beloved Reishii of course!

So off she set about recreating Reishii on paper, so that it could be transformed into an amazing recreation of our top dog for her to play with and treasure every single day.




Keeping the nation’s Pets happy and healthy

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Petplan, they provide pet insurance policies and great customer service and they have helped millions of owners get their beloved pets back on their feet following illness and injury. They also work lots of animal re-homing charities and through the Petplan Charitable Trust have raised more than 7 millions towards a better, healthier world for animals. How fantastic is that?! You can find out Petplan’s Pet insurance here.

The big reveal

Needless to say we have one little girl who is absolutely over the moon. And that’s got to be worth it’s weight in gold don’t you think?


What do you think your child’s dream pet would be? Do share in a comment  below.


*This post has been made possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own.



  1. She looks so happy with Reishii and it’s great that you can still visit. It sounds like Reishii has the best of both worlds! Petplan also sounds amazing for anyone with a pet. My daughter would love a kitten. Claire x

  2. Aww this is so sweet! Atleast you managed to find someone in your family to take care of your gorgeous dog, meaning you still get to visit! It’s so sweet that your little girlie’s dream pet was Reishii too x

  3. Oh look how happy she is! It must have been so hard for you to decide your dog was settled elsewhere and not bring him back home to you – what a selfless thing to do. Our little one would 100% want a cat! He loves pointing them out and loves seeing them jump up and down off fences. We’re tempted to get one soon but timing wise, it might be best for us to wait a year or so.

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