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custom photo blanketThe temperatures have dipped, it’s feeling decidedly Autumnal, and that can only mean one thing…..time to get snuggly! And for that of course….you need a blanket. But not any old blanket…..but a custom photo blanket of course…

When invited me to review one of their products, I knew instantly that it just had to be one of their amazing custom photo blankets. Given that we would probably be spending a lot of time cosying up under blankets in our household in a bid to reduce energy bills over the coming months, surely there can be no better blanket than a custom  photo blanket that features your favourite memory or moments????!

Perhaps you are someone who has one killer photo that you would like turned into a photo blanket – but for me, I really wanted to create a montage of some of our favourite family moments over the last year that we could snuggle down under. If you’re anything like me, you will have so many family photos that probably never see the light of day because the house is already rammed with picture frames and favourite photos. And if you have a cat, Kitty Cat Reviews suggests to include a photo of your cat on the blanket too.

A custom photo blanket just seemed like the perfect way  cherish more of your favourite family photos, every single day….or at least the ones when you are filling a bit chilly and need a good snuggle and Netflix sesh.

I used my trusty PicCollage app to create the montage with some of our favourite pics from throughout the year…

….put it through my favourite Instagram filter (as you do!)….and then uploaded it onto the website to create a mega 200 x 150cm photo blanket.

I waited with baited breath, running to the door every time the postman knocked, waiting to see our creation.

And then it came!

custom photo blanket


To say it took my breath away was a total understatement. There was something so magical seeing our photos all come together in this blanket that would be used by the whole family. I just knew it was going to become a special part of our household – which it has already. I’m banking on this becoming an heirloom too.

custom photo blanket

The blanket has a really gorgeous, velveteen feel to it thanks to the fact it’s made with plush and ultra soft polar fleece. One touch and you can just tell it’s really high quality. I also love the fact that with all our skin problems in this house that it is hypoallergenic and has been created using odourless printing (so no nasty and weird chemical smells – phew!). It’s also laundry safe at cold temperatures – – which is another plus.

The blanket came at the most perfect time – the week when Mr C has been away in Hong Kong for a family wedding and Miss E and I had been missing him terribly. Luckily enough we have this amazingly epic blanket to remind us of his lovely face and all the amazing times we have had with him this year and to snuggle beneath while we count the days until daddy’s home.

custom photo blanket

I really can not wax lyrical about this blanket enough. It completely exceeded my expectations and it really would make the most breathtaking and meaningful gift for anyone for any occasion, however you choose to personalise it.

The blankets come in a range of sizes and prices starting at Β£25 for a 100 x 70cm (retail price Β£99) right up to the one we ordered at Β£70 for a 200 x 150cm one (retail price Β£199). So as you can see, not only can you bag yourself an incredible gift…or maybe just one for your home because you’re completely taken with the idea….but also feel rather happy about the price tag too! You can also check out their range of photo canvas prints too.

And now here’s your chance to win your own custom photo blanket here!

Enter here to win on my giveaways page here

*This is a commissioned post, however all opinions are my own


  1. WOW what a lovely blanket and perfect way to show off precious memories. It definitely looks soft and the colours are really vibrant in the images still too. I have to admit I love Autumn the most because you can’t beat getting into your pyjamas and snuggling under a blanket with a hot chocolate on an evening!

    • As a grandmother myself I think it would be a wonderful present. I also think it would make a great memory blanket for someone who had to give up their family home.

  2. I have just found my mothers birth side of the family (i was adopted and been looking over 22 yearssince i was 18) they live over 600 miles away and i am disabled but we managed to meet up recently and i have some wonderful pictures that id love to display of us all together at last so i can feel closer to them as it will be a while before we see each other again, so thank you for the chance, (sorry for the long post)

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