#MyFiveThings by Agent Spitback: 5 Parenting Cake Secrets


Welcome to this week’s #MyFiveThings! Now many of you who follow me on Twitter know that my number one call to action when the s*** hits the parenthood fan is to send or eat cake, so you can imagine how much I utterly loved this submission from El at Agent Spitback when I saw the subject header – 5 Parenting Cake Secrets??? Genius! In case you don’t know it already El’s mission is “To Make Parents Spit out their Cake Crumbs laughing, one blog post at a time”. And so without further ado, let’s hand over to El who is about to blow the lid off her 5 Parenting Cake Secrets – the best bit of parenting advice I’ve heard in a long while!

Under the promise of UK’s best confectionary treats and a baking tryst with Jamie Oliver, I have agreed to release #MyFiveThings – 5 Parenting Cake secrets from my expert observation on the Spitback Tribe. I have never said “No” to a challenge about writing about children or cake, my two favourite topics of all time. So you can imagine my excitement exploded off the Richter Scale when I was told that I could write about BOTH.

1. A Child is like a slice of cake

Chocolate, Carrot, Banana, Black Forest Marble, Vanilla, Butter – there are so many flavours but each one is so delicious on its own terms. They’re so different but easy to love. They are all different but still the same – cake, just like children.

2. Raising a child is like baking a cake

You have your basic ingredients but what you put into your cake will determine the end result. Chocolate chips? Strawberries? Too much salt? Too much yeast? Forgot the eggs? What you do or don’t do as a parent will impact your child growing into the adult he/she will become.


3. Parenting styles are like cake recipes

There is more than one way to bake a cake. You may be allergic to nuts, fruit, egg, and milk or intolerant to gluten and so you look for good substitutes or you think of another recipe. Similarly, there is more than one way to raise a child and not one way is any better than the other.

Is baking better than leaving it in the fridge? Do you stir or whip? Do you use an electric mixer or by hand? Some may choose not to breastfeed, some may choose controlled crying, some may choose to home school, some may choose to use baby sign language, some may use cloth diapers, some may use disposable and some may use elimination communication but one is not any better than the other.

4. Parenting is like having a slice of cake…

…best shared and served with a cup of coffee. There’s nothing better than sharing a slice of cake with a friend as you talk and laugh. Similarly, parenting is best enjoyed as an adventure with company. You can’t parent alone. You need a community. Just like you feel guilty and ashamed when you eat cake by yourself in your toilet (not me!), you’ll feel anxious, worried and guilty if you parent alone. Parenting, like cake, is best served with a side of friendship and family. And of course, with lots of coffee too!

5. Cake is medicine

Remember the most important secret, cake is a magical cure for all parenting challenges. It can cure temper tantrums, over-tiredness, boo-boos, crankiness, and all of the don’t wannas. It is the absolute medicine for ALL PARENTS. Perfect for your temper tantrum when you realize that the diaper that is on special is all sold out before you could even get one packet! Where is the Diaper Sale Police when you need them? Probably, out having cake, of course.

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  1. Ha haaa this is AWESOME! Oh my word you are so right – parenting is like cake! I love parenting. I love cake. However I would not like any more kids. Can I still have more cake? It’s yes isn’t it? I can have more cake, can’t I?! Mim x

    • I don’t think the amount of cake you deserve it entirely correlated to the number of kids you have so yes, you can definitely have some more cake lovely!!! x

  2. Brilliant, I love no. 4 parenting is like having a slice of cake – best shared and with coffee. Couldn’t be truer of both! Cake and babies are all I think about at the moment so this was right up my ally – thanks!

  3. A post so brilliant it just had to be shared… couldn’t agree more that the art of parenting is a lot like making a cake!

  4. Just popping by again through #justanotherlinky Made me giggle just as much second time around.

    Ps. Parenthood and cake – both likely to cause your bum to get bigger but you do it anyway and don’t regret it for a minute! :0) xx

  5. Great article! I especially love #3- no parenting style is better than the other and #4- we cannot parent alone and need community. This article made me smile and think of how much I love my children, and how much easier parenting is when it comes with a side of delicious CAKE 😉 Yum!

  6. Oh, my… I’m a little in love with this. Not only have you related the deliciousness of cake to children, but you’ve done so in a way that’s really quite beautiful (and funny!). I think your analogies are wonderfully wise. I’ll never look at children and cake the same way again… which is good, because if you look at a child while licking your lips, you might find yourself in a wee bit of an awkward spot. (I’m just thinking about cake, I swear!)
    Pure brilliance! Well done. <3

  7. What a fun post! Everything can be related to cake really can’t it?! Cake does cure most parenting issues all right but sometimes it’s me eating the cake lol #abitofeverything x

  8. Cake can make you crazy. Literally. There’s a few ingredients I would like to put in the cake but that probably shouldn’t be mentioned here. Thanks for the laugh as always Agent Spitback! Trista And thanks for hostessing #abitofeverything!

  9. I love this post. I love anything to do with cake. Parenting is definitely like cake, how have I not realised this before? Thanks for sharing your secrets. It is 10pm and I want cake now, this is ok yea?xx #abitofeverything

  10. Awesome post. I would say I’d like more babies and cake but with the terror my little one is tuning into at the moment and being on a diet… Ill cheer you all from the sidelines!


  11. Brilliant – hilarious and so true all at the same time! This takes the cake obsession to the next level – I love it 🙂 #abitofeverything

  12. hehehehehehe! Love the analogy. I’ve never thought of it that way, now I’ll be looking at cakes (or my kids depending on the time of the day) in a different light. But at least I won’t be eating my kids! :p

  13. Great post! I swear by no 5. My eldest refused some cake earlier and made me realise cake has another purpose: indicator of genuine illness! #ABitOfEverything

  14. “There is more than one way to bake a cake.” I love this and how it applies to parenting styles and choices. What works for me and my baby, may or may not work for you and your baby. And that is OK.

    “…best shared and served with a cup of coffee.” BUT FIRST COFFEE, as it applies to both children AND cake.

    Such a fun post, two of my favorite things. #abitofeverything

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