#MyFiveThings by Mama Mim: 5 things I hate about CBeebies


Welcome to the very first in a new guest post series that I’m co-hosting with the lovely Mim from MamaMim entitled #MyFiveThings. 

Over the coming weeks, Mim and I will be taking turns to feature some of our fave bloggers taking the floor on the theme of five things they want to share about parenthood – this can be anything from practical parenting advice, humour, revelations, learnings, rants, utter mindless drivel….it’s really up to you! This series will be hopping between our blogs fortnightly and so kicking off this week on my blog is Mama Mim with “5 things I hate about CBeebies” and if you hop over to her blog you can find my very self waxing lyrical on “My 5 parenting epiphanies”. Take it away Mim….

I write this post with mixed feelings so let me point out first of all that there are many, many things about CBeebies that I really do love.

I find myself regularly thanking the BBC geniuses that devised a single channel just for kids that when my 2 year old is watching it, allows me a little bit of ‘me time’.  You know, a few minutes to put a load of laundry on, make dinner or have a wee in peace!

However, there are 5 particularly irksome things on CBeebies that wind me up no end.  That grate on me to the point of keeping me up at night.

Am I exaggerating?  I am not.  And if you’re the parent of a regular viewer, you might understand why….

01. Mama Mim 01

1.  Baby Jake

And his brother.  Especially his brother. 
Goo goo gaa gaa.  Oh baby Jake is saying Hello!

Baby Jake is NOT saying Hello so stop pretending to translate for him. Baby Jake CANNOT talk.  He babbles.  Like a baby.  Or a baby’s head on a cartoon body.  Weird.

What is my child learning from this show?  Nothing.  NOTHING.  Except how to babble because apparently when Baby Jake babbles it means something more.

Grr.  But that’s not the only thing…

2.  Annoying theme tunes.  SO annoying.

Will the day ever come when I don’t have Mike the Knight or Tree Fu Tom’s annoying theme songs on repeat in my head?  Why do they need to be SO annoying?  And SO dramatic.

When it started to get to the point of me waking up in the morning with them already set to Play in my head, enough was enough and I changed channels.  Tiny Pop, as it happens, is no better.

Although watching Miss M get into her Tree Fu Tom ‘spell pose’ is pretty cute.

And then there are the characters…

3.  Kate & Mim-Mim

Who is Mim-Mim you ask?  Well I did when I heard the name of the show. Is she Kate’s best friend?  Is she the little girl that Kate shares her crazy adventures with?  The heroine of the story?

No.  No, she is not.  She’s a bloody massive purple rabbit.  She’s not even a SHE.  It’s a MAN RABBIT.  Called Mim-Mim. As if that wasn’t bad enough for me, my 2 year old has a fit if it comes on the telly declaring “Turn it OFF!  I don’t like Mim-Mim”!!!


Moving on to…

4.  Justin Fletcher

I’ve got a bit of a love/hate relationship with this fella.  There are so many weird and wrong things crammed into “Justin’s House” (so to speak) yet it somehow puts my toddler into such a trance that I think she might kill me if I tried to turn it off.

The characters are weird.  The songs are grating and where on Earth are the parents?  However, Miss M, along with the rest of the UK’s kids is addicted to it and I’m pretty sure views Justin as an equal only with Santa Claus.

It’s like he’s the Pied Piper – and we know how that story ended.  The kids LOVE him though.


5.  Gigglebiz

As much as I’d like to leave the subject of tiny tot-mesmeriser Justin Fletcher there, then comes Gigglebiz. Good Lord, what a big old bunch of bobbins that show is.  It’s like Benny Hill for the under 10s – minus the bikini-clad running ladies thankfully.

A “self-indulgent vanity vehicle” is how one Twitterer describes it – sums it up perfectly for me. I have no idea who the show is aimed at or how it’s even made it to the small screen.  I just wish it would STOP.  None of the characters are funny, it’s cringy as Hell and I can’t imagine anyone but Justin himself actually laughing at it.  He’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Do your kids love CBeebies?  What are you least favourite CBeebies shows? Tell me I’m not alone!

Now hop on over to Mama Mim’s blog to read about My Five Parenting Epiphanies.

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Friday Frolics


  1. I have a love hate relationship with cbeebies, on one hand it’s great, educational, no adverts but on the other hand there’s loads of repeats, weird concepts (what’s gojetters about?) and annoying tunes and they really do love Justin Fletcher a bit too much. It’s a necessary evil. #fridayfrolics

  2. Thankfully we have outgrown most of cbeebies. I don’t like Justin or Mr Tumble but have to admit to sometimes laughing at Gigglebiz. Topsy and Tim is my pet hate, I just want the mom to shout at the kids and to give Tim a good talking to, he is such a whiner! #thelist

  3. We haven’t really watched any of the kids channels yet – we do have Rainbow on on a loop on YouTube though, so a lot of those songs get stuck in my head! 🙂 #fridayfrolics

  4. I’ve only seen little bits but i get what you mean. My son isnt really into one programme as such at the moment but from what you’ve said i think i’ll stick to disney junior although the whole annoying theme tune thing applies there too. i know the mickey mouse club house song plus the hotdog song plus doc mc stuffin off by heart and find myself singing along without realising (thankfully without an audience) i have even found myself watching it 10…15minutes after my sons fell asleep twigged and thought WHY?!

  5. Wow! We do have a love for CBeebies in this house, always have. The weirdest shows I find are repeats of older ones. Like that annoying PopShop these two obnoxious singers with that strange dog? Same Smile- supposed to promote a multi cultural society etc. I just find it nauseating. Don’t even get me started on the old weird one that is Balamory. It wasn’t that great first time round and now it is just plain crazy, especially that josy jump!

    Our absolute favorite, which we even got DVDs of is Octonauts! The boys absolutely love it!

    • OMG I thought I would get my little one to watch Balamory to get her feeling a bit better about nursery – even she thought that was a bad idea haha!

  6. We are Team Disney Junior, but we have come across Kate and Mim Mim, mind numbing! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  7. Ha this made me laugh, with my boys being 9 and 11 I haven’t had to endure cbeebies for years, doesn’t sound like it’s improved any though!! Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

  8. You’ve certainly engaged the audience!! This is a cracking piece I’m nodding all the way to the end… my 2.5 yo is suddenly really into it (thank the Lord we’ve moved away from PEPPA and adverts every 10 mins) and there’s a good solid 45 mins of programmes in the morning which each captivate him giving me that all important time for a shower/get ready/sort all the house out while the baby is napping and I am eternally grateful to Mr. Tumble (cannot watch Justin’s house though!!) that weird Bing elephant thing and even Chris and Poi. Not impressed around 3pm though (on particularly bad days!!) when everything is repeated!! Thanks for sharing xxx

  9. Brill post! Thank you! Agree with all points- the channel is fab as you say, but definitely some annoying programmes with equally annoying theme tunes. And they DO get stuck in your head. Im running a bath: ‘I love Woolley and Woolley loves me..’
    I’m hoovering: ‘how does it work? Do you know.. How is it made? Do you know?!’ .. You get the picture. And Bing really gets my goat. He does not speak properly (which is wrong) and is totally pandered to by his turd shaped (but somewhat cute) carer.. Bing is a spoiled brat! Rant over! Otherwise CBeebies is our channel of choice. LOVE hey duggee. xx

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