#MyFiveThings by Mummy Fever: 5 Things 5 things I Could Totally Live Without In Parenting

Annoying things about parenting

Welcome to this week’s #MyFiveThings featuring Charlotte from Mummy Fever. We all have our parenting pet peeves which we would just love to see the back of, and in this week’s edition of #MyFiveThings, Charlotte shares some things which really get her goat in this parenting lark…

Parenting is a hard job. We know that. I am totally on board with that Michael Mcintyre scene where he tells you that people without children have no idea!

Parenting is something we essentially make up as we go along. I don’t know about you but most of the time I’m totally winging it. Parenting is tough but being a parent is also totally awesome. I love being a parent and it brings me a huge out of joy and pride everyday.

That said, there are 5 things I could totally live without on the parenting front. Here goes:

  • Cleaning the high chair: OMG the worse job in the world, this sucks. 3 times a day for 9 years with another year ish to go, is a whole lot of annoying.
  • Picking up food off the floor: I’m sure lots of your little darlings don’t do this, but I’ve had 3 out of 4 ‘throwers’ who can clear a highchair table in less time than it takes you to blink. Picking up debris off the floor three times a day is certainly something I could live without.
  • Justifying my parenting choices to others: I shouldn’t feel as if I have to. They are my choices and I make them based on what I believe is best. Others are free to parent as they chose.

Parenting challenges, judging parents

  • Discovering a discarded milk bottle in the car: gross in a word, one that’s been dropped and then rolled and you’ve forgotten and a few days or longer have gone passed blurhhhh!
  • Being asked “are they all yours?”: yes people, I have four children, they are all mine, deal with it!

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  1. Yes, cleaning the high chair is one of my least favourite parenting chores. Actually THE least favourite. Glad to hear from someone else who feels my pain on that front!

  2. OH my word yes yes yes to all of these and I’m sorry to say we’ve done the discarded milk bottle one on more than one occasion – DIS-GUS-TING!!! Urgh, I hate cleaning at the best of times! Great post and spot on 🙂 x

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