#MyFiveThings by Something Crunchy Mummy: 5 things I wish I would do as a parent


After a barnstorming launch last week with a double dose of action on the #MyFiveThings front with myself and Mama Mim unleashing our posts My 5 parenting epiphanies and 5 things I hate about CBeebies we are now kicking into action with our series of guest bloggers on this subject! So without further ado, please welcome Kirsty from Something Crunchy Mummy sharing candidly about five things she wished she would do as an unlikely suspect in parenthood…


1. Bake with the boys

I love to cook and bake, but by myself. I’m not a lover of mess and the whole baking malarkey is just messy, and it stresses me out. I see other parents doing baking with their children and they look like they are having so much fun, but for me it’s not fun.

2. Messy play

This is the same concept as above, I love to be creative and I have loads of ideas that I think would work but trying to do them with the boys is just messy and stressy and it just doesn’t turn out like it should. And this upsets me lol!


*NB pic above a random paint besmeared toddler…not Kirsty’s…! Be careful what you wish for Kirsty….! 

3. Have more patience

Now I don’t shout at the boys an awful lot, but there are just times when I am tired and fed up when  maybe I tell them off for something tiny that really is nothing in the grand scheme of life. This also relates to number 1 & 2 as I don’t have the patience for baking and messy play and I want things done now, but as we all know children don’t do things now or our way.

4. Chill out more

Yes we have times when we cuddle up on the sofa and watch (a quarter of) a film but after a while I have the million and one things that need doing around the house going round in my head. I then also find things to do around the house when they are playing rather than just sitting down when I get the chance. I really don’t help myself with the whole tiredness.

5. Be less soft

I think if I had done this from the start they wouldn’t be such fussy eaters but hindsight is a great thing isn’t it. I also let them get their own way far too much, just for the easy life and to not cause a bigger headache than they already cause.

Do the above things resonate with you? What things do you wish you would do as a parent?

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  1. Yes yes yes to all of them! Especially to chilling out more – it’s like the ‘nesting’ period of pregnancy never ended and I can’t stop clearing up or doing SOMETHING! Nesting was much more enjoyable though 🙂 Mim x

  2. I’m guilty of feeling like sitting around playing with duplo is ‘wasting’ time. We go to playgroup especially for the offsite messy play!

  3. I struggle with anything messy especially now my son is at the difficult to change and dress stage PLUS weaning. I’m trying to be patient and let him explore different textures etc when i have the urge to make a grab for baby wipes to clean him up.

    i think making time for them, even though my sons with me and in my presence there are occasions im distracted by a programme or worse still my phone then i feel bad and think well i could always read…write that blog when he’s asleep or catch up on the tv.

    i wish i could come up with more creative things for us to do i wouldnt say it comes as naturally as i’d like even though i enjoy it but pinterest has some amazing ideas.

  4. This was a great post. I wish I could be more like the mum I used to be. Back when I only had two (I’ve got four little ones now!) I was so hands-on. We baked, crafted, and went to playgroup and mainly music every single week. These days I feel like I’ve just burned myself out, and my boys are missing out on a lot of things compared to my daughters. I wish I was doing more with my sons.

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