#MyFiveThings by Twinderelmo: 5 things you didn’t know about twins

What it's like having twins
Ever wondered what it’s like having twins? We all know that twins are special, and quite incredible, and in this week’s #MyFiveThings by Beth who blogs over on Twinderelmo we talk twin power and explore some surprising things you may not know about twins…

Twins incredible

1. They aren’t necessarily best friends

It’s easy to presume that twins have this magical bond that cannot be broken. I would like to think that they will ­ however, they are just like all siblings; they fight. A LOT. Yes my 2.5 year old little ladies bicker and brawl like nobody’s business. You can buy two of exactly the same thing but you can guarantee the other will want what the other has. It’s arguments a plenty here at Casa De Twinderelmo, but for every scrap when you see them walking around holding hands and cuddling it really does melt your heart.

2. They need a break

From day dot, these pair have had someone right there. From sharing a womb, to a bed to a room they are pretty much together 24/7. Even with your best mate, you need a break so we do try to take them places on their own. Although they usually end up spending most of the time asking where the other is, I do think it’s good for them to get a break from each other. Even if it means one is upstairs playing with me while the other is downstairs reading with Daddy. I do find it very strange taking just one out though ­ life seems so bloody simple as I have a free hand. It really is like gold dust!

3. They may be twins but they are individual

My girls are genetically identical but personality wise? They could not be more different! Twin one was always the more laid back of the two but she’s now rapidly becoming the more demanding of the two. She won’t wear anything she doesn’t want to nor does she want to be told what to do. She has an iron will and an incredibly stubborn streak ­ now, WHERE did that come from I wonder?! On the other hand her sister is crazy! She is much louder, has no fear and her vocabulary is really developing but she is the most affection little girl and at bedtime is golden unlike her sister who likes to roam the landing wailing. Although given half a chance, she will leg it away from me and just when you think she can’t run off anymore ­ she does. And just keeps going! A lot of people think having twins is like having their baby twice over ­ – not at all. They definitely have their own quirks.

4. You instantly are inducted into a secret amazing twin club

You see other twin parents and they just get it. People constantly tell me how having their kids 13 months apart is “pretty much like having twins” Nope. It”s not at all like it! You can put your baby down, and it won’t move as you chase after your wild toddler. Try having two wild beasts on the loose and your only strategy is “OK quick ­- which is more likely to break a bone?”. But other twin parents know the real struggle. How you evenly split your time between the two, how hard it can be with sleepless nights, how you need more hands than is humanly possible; but they can offer advice and share tips that are golden. They can reassure you that it’s a wild ride but you’re doing a pretty good job.

5. Twins draw a crowd

Newborn baby twins gives you Z List celebrity status with everyone wanting to have a look and talk to you. The questions are pretty intrusive too so be warned! Your sex life is fair game to be discussed at 9.15am at the checkout in Tesco as the old “are they natural or IVF?” crops up while you’re ferreting in your purse. You will constantly be asked if they’re identical (sorry to those who have boy/girl twins, people forget the stark difference in bodies here) how you tell them apart, how they know someone who had twins, how do I sleep.. the list is endless. Don’t ever think you can pop out in your joggers and greasy hair ­ you will be collared. Embrace it. Having twins is ace and it’s been such a wonderful ride.

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  1. Oh I love this – I have a real thing for twins (yes I’m that weirdo) but they just fascinate me. Yours are just adorable and I think you’re super mum! These are brilliant things to know for anyone expecting twins themselves 🙂 Mim x x

  2. This is a great post.

    I have a twin sister and we’ve had to live with these stereotypes our whole lives. I think there is this notion that as you are the same age, you should automatically be best friends. For us, this wasn’t the case at school, as we were very independent and hated being with each other ALL day.

    The main issue is the fact that, as a twin, you are automatically compared to each other by teachers, doctors, dentists, friends, family and after a while you simply want to be recognised as an individual, not a twin.

    As adults, we are a lot closer and I love having a twin sister, but I still get annoyed when people stare at us in the street!

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